Additional databases


Børsen allows access to their article database, as well as company data.

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Børsen can be accessed at

Note that access is automatic while inside campus. To access the database from another location, login via Statsbibilioteket.

Global Financial Database (GFD)

GFD contains a wide range of financial and macroeconomic time series data, for multiple countries. Characterized by having a rich amount of data over 60,000 companies covering 300 years.

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The database can be accessed by creating your own account on

It is required that you are connected to Eduroam on campus and that you use your AU e-mail, while creating your account and using the database.


Orbis is a database with access to detailed data on 50+ million international companies.

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Orbis can be accessed at

SNL Real Estate

SNL Real Estate offers detailed data for more than 11,000 real estate companies across globe. In addition to the company level data, it also provides granular data for all the properties owned by these real estate companies (over 100,000 properties worldwide).

For more information about the database and how to self-register to access this database, please see these guides:

SNL Real Estate can be accessed at


ZEPHYR has five years of global coverage and includes 500 000 deals involving worldwide companies. Up to 100 000 new deals are added per year. It includes detailed financial company information and is related to the Orbis database.

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ZEPHYR can be accessed at