PhD programme 

The PhD programme in Economics and Business Economics is an internationally recognised research training programme. The intention is to bring the students to the international research frontier.

We specialise in a wide range of economic fields including macroeconomics, theoretical and empirical labour economics, finance, business intelligence, econometrics as well as logistics and operations research.

As a PhD student at our department you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in your research topic and contribute to ongoing research. We provide access to invaluable research resources, such as financial databases and unique Danish register data, ensuring you have the necessary tools to conduct in-depth research and make meaningful contributions to your field.

The department offers a supportive and dynamic research community, encouraging active engagement among PhD students and faculty to share ideas and participate in cutting-edge research projects. Moreover, we provide a lively social atmosphere, facilitating connections with peers and allowing students to enjoy a well-rounded student life.

Our PhD programme is designed to prepare students for academic positions involving research and teaching, as well as for careers in business, government and non-governmental agencies on a worldwide scale.