Study administrators

Study administrators for the study programmes at the Department of Economics and Business Economics

  • HA/BScB Finance
  • CM/MSc Finance
  • CM/MSc Finance and International Business
  • Data Science - Bachelor's projects and Master's theses
  • Mathematics-Economics (MatØk) - Bachelor's projects and Master's theses
  • HD, AUD - supplementary course: Finance (AUD suppl.)

Berit Hansen

Study Administrator

  • HA/BScB Financial Accounting
  • CM/MSc Business Economics and Auditing

Annia Hoffmeyer

Study Administrative Coordinator

  • HA/BScB Econometrics and Business Statistics
  • CM/MSc Business Intelligence
  • CM/MSc Operations and Supply Chain Analytics

Gitte Isager

Study Administrator

  • HA/BScB Economics
  • CM/MSc International Economic Consulting

  • On leave

  • HD-R, 2nd part, Accounting
  • HD-B, 2nd part, Business - ECON courses
  • MBA - ECON courses
  • Instructor hiring HA/BScB

  • BSc Economics (Oecon)
  • BSc Public Policy
  • HD, 1st part

  • Bachelor's projects BSc Economics (Oecon)
  • Bachelor’s projects BSc Public Policy
  • Bachelor's projects BA Business Administration (SOC)
  • MSc Economics (Oecon)
  • MSc Economics (Oecon) Master's theses, Topics and Internships