Previous BI-days

BI-day September 2023

Theme: "AI - From buzz to value"


  • Jakob Blaavand, Director, CoE Data Science & Data Mngt, Danish Crown: “Unlocking Value: Creating Premium Leather Products Using Data and Deep Learning”
  • Jakob Ladekær, Head of AI and Principal AI Architect, twoday Kapacity: “Create business value with data science and AI - examples from real life”
  • Miklas Strøm Kristoffersen, ML/AI Manager, Salling Group: “Unleashing Measurable Business Impact at Salling Group”
  • Hans Harhoff Andersen, Data Science & AI Lead, Inspari: “AI in the real world; what can be used for something?”

BI-day March 2023

Theme: "Data security and ethics"


  • Søren Lundager, Head of Data Reporting & AI, Vestas: “Life as a Power BI Admin”
  • Brian Bønk Rueløkke, Principal & Enterprise Architect, Fellowmind: “Don’t forget your data ethics”
  • Mobeen Arif, Director, VENZO Business Consulting: “Responsible AI - more important than ever”
  • Mathias Halkjær Petersen, Principal Architect, Data & Analytics, Fellowmind: “A revolt against data security paranoia”

BI-day September 2022

Theme: "People Analytics - for a data driven organization"


  • Søren Kold, Director of People Analytics, LEGO: “Introduction to People Analytics”
  • Casper Greve, Head of Data Analytics, Trifork: “People Analytics - Utilising the value of HR data”
  • Mads Kidmose, Head of HR Tech and Data Foundation, GRUNDFOS: HR Master Data – Bringing it to live
  • Jacob Nielsen: “People Analytics Use Case”

BI-day March 2022

Theme: "The age of the Internet of Things"


  • Emil Skjold Andersen, Chief Commercial Officer, Iterator IT: “How to create business value with IoT - A practitioner's approach”
  • Bjarke Osmundsen, Senior Manager, Danfoss A/S: “Alsense – IoT for enhanced food safety and energy efficiency in Food Retail”
  • Mikkel N. Uttenreitter, Data Scientist, GRUNDFOS & Dávid Nagy, Data Scientist, GRUNDFOS: “IoT in Water Applications - in District Heating & Water Utility”
  • Martin Krogstrup Nielsen, Business Development Manager, FORCE Technology: “How to get customer insights using IoT”

BI-day September 2021

Theme: "BI for an efficient public sector"


  • Claus Stokholm, BI developer, Fødevarestyrelsen & Jesper Hesselberg Stærke Andersen, BI consultant, Fødevarestyrelsen: ”Data, COVID-19 and Mink”
  • Jakob Routhe, Engineer and Senior Consultant, VENZO A/S: “How to apply a data mindset in a people-driven culture?”
  • Henrik Toft, Transformation Architect, IBM Europe: “Building a Platform for Football Analysis in DBU”
  • Frans Rasmussen, BI-Developer, Region Midtjylland: “From data illiteracy to Data hero. Utilizing healthcare data to better patient treatment”

BI-day January 2020

Theme: "BI for real sustainability"


  • Cathrine Pedersen, Manager, QVARTZ: "Sustainability as a business opportunity“
  • Mikkel Kronborg Fensman, Product Owner, Data & Analytics, Global IT, Vestas: "How to use Big Data to maintain the position as number one in the sustainable energy business"
  • André Bryde Alnor, Head of Digitalization, EnergiNet: "Renewable energy without borders"
  • Michael Haase, CEO and Founder, Plant Jammer: “Stopping food waste with data”

BI-day September 2019

Theme: "Growth through BI – with focus on BI and analytics implementations for increased productivity and efficiency improvements"


  • Mattias Lofgren, Senior Product Owner, Finance BI, and Emilie Foss Evensen, Junior Product Owner, Operations BI - Maersk Shipping: “Maersk BI platform and blockchain”
  • Steffen Thomsen, Business Intelligence Manager, Normal: “Value creation with simple data”
  • Martin Kolding Pedersen, Head of Division, Inspari: “The present and future of BI”
  • Erik Søndergaard Andersen, Senior Manager Business Development, Systematic: “BI as a strategic lever for growth in Systematic”

BI-day January 2019

Theme: "Efficiency improvements with Business Intelligence"


  • Mads Kring, Chairman, Danish Pig Genetics: “Developing sustainable pig genetics for the food producers of tomorrow with Big Data”
  • Kim Prang Hermansen, Senior Business Analyst, Nicolaj Sjøhart Lund, Marketing and Relations Manager & Lars Andersen, Technology Solutions Professional, Solitwork & Microsoft: “Process optimization and insights with BI”
  • Michael Sørensen, Team Lead, SAP BI, JYSK: “BI 2.0 Roadmap and Strategy: Towards sophisticated use of data”
  • Morten Hannibalsen Olsen, Application Specialist & Klaus Brodersen, Manager, Grundfos: “Challenges and solutions working with BI in a fast-changing environment”

BI-day September 2018

Theme: "Building BI Capacity"


  • Kasper Pors Hansen, Product Manager, Analytics Power House: “Building internal BI capacity in Arla”
  • Lars Kühn Thomsen, Head of Business Intelligence: “Strategic BI capacity building in Danske Commodities”
  • Niels Bering Larsen, Head of BI & Analytics: “Implementing BI and Analytics in retail scale at Salling Group”
  • Jess Hansen, Manager: “How Inviso builds BI competences to create value”
  • Jacob Guldberg, Head of Division, Business & Applications: “The process of structuring BI specialization in Inspari”

BI-day February 2018

Theme: "BI Research and Reach-Out"


  • Nick Rishøj: "BI and Data Science: Globeteam"
  • Jonas Langergaard: "Industrial BI: Grundfos"
  • Daniel Lund: "Health Analytics: SAS / KMD / SAS"
  • Christina Lyngholm-Nielsen: "Building a career from BI Consulting: Deloitte / Politiet"
  • Jacob Ross Andersen: "BI Entrepreneur: TimeXtender"