PhD graduates and dissertations

PhD degrees awarded to students affiliated with Department of Economics and Business Economics

Please contact the author for a copy of the dissertation if there is no link to it below.


Jonas Pilgaard Kaiser: Essays in Behavioural Economics

Dorethe Skovgaard Bjerre: Health, Mortality, and Retirement

José Andrés Estévez Montes: Essays on Location and Spatial Economics

Qing Kovarik: Essays on Audit Quality

Leyla Yusifzada: Subordinated Debt, Market Discipline, and Banking Regulation

Marius Opstrup Morthorst: Empirical Studies in Health Economics

Lóa Björk Jóelsdóttir: Essays on Adaptivity and Flexibility in Multidigit Arithmetic

Shohre Zehtabian: Service Quality, Consistency, and Equity in Select Vehicle Routing Problems

Qiuping Ma: Product Quality Management in Supply Chains: Applications of data-driven approaches and incentive contracts

Søren Aasborg Østervig: Empirical Essays in International Trade: Trade Agreements, Sanctions and Restrictions

Jacob Hald Hansen: Essays on the Post-Earnings Announcement Drift and Housing Bubbles

Cecilie Marie Løchte Jørgensen: Essays on the Macroeconomics of Climate Policy


Özge Serbest: Essays on Monetary Policy and Financial Markets

Yue Xu: Essays on Asset Management

Farnaz Farzadnia: Multimodal Vehicle Routing Problems

Mathias Voldum Siggaard: Essays in Financial Econometrics

Johan Bjerre Bach Clausen: Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics In Operations Management: Using Big Data And Machine Learning

Nicolas Forget: Solution algorithms for multi-objective integer linear programming models

Alexander O.K. Marin: Healthcare Expenditures across Time and Socioeconomic Status

Ilya Manuylov: Essays on R&D, Firm Productivity, and Technological Change

Giuseppe Pulito: Essays on the Nature of Work and Retraining

Morten Lund Poulsen: Essays on Performance Funding and Intentions, Interpretations, Actions, and Consequences in Danish Basic Education

Luca Neri: Essays on Estimation of Dynamic Macroeconomic Models

Jeppe Bro: Deviations from Efficient Markets and Rationality

Maximiliano Enrique Cubillos: Optimization and Data Analytics in Waste Management

Salman Huseynov: Essays in Macro-Finance

Søren Albeck Nielsen: Essays on Educational Interventions for Disadvantaged Children

Nikolaj Udengaard Hansen: Essays on Machine Learning in Health Economics

Simon Christiansen: Essays on Unilateral Climate Policy and on Corporate Debt

Francesco Benvenuti: Essays on High-Frequency and Financial Data Analysis

Nikolaj Niebuhr Lambertsen: Essays on Earnings Management


Mads Markvart Kjær: Interest rates, exchange rates, and economic uncertainty

Frederik Læssøe Nielsen: Essays on Pension and Climate Policy

Alexander Fischer: Ranks, Peers & Networks: Essays on Social Interactions in Education and Labour Economics

Kristoffer Pons Bertelsen: Essays in Financial Econometrics

Martin Strobl: Essays in Political Economy

Sebastian Mathias Jensen: Use of Machine Learning in Climate Econometrics

Fatemeh ShahrabiFarahani: Essays on Risk-Taking and Exploration-Exploitation Behaviors

Anders Merrild Posselt: VIX assets: Applications and implications  

Line Lausten Bager: Health and socioeconomic outcomes in severely traumatised refugee families

Anine Eg Bolko: Modelling and Forecasting Fractional Volatility


Mugdha Vaidya: Impact of community, resource scarcity and environmental exposure on children's human capital formation in rural India

Maria Koch Gregersen: Early Socioeconomic Inequalities and Health

Andrei Gorshkov: Job Ladders, Peer Effects and Career Dynamics

Mads Christian Hejlesen: Essays in Labor & Urban Economics

Simone Maria Bonin: Essays on Labour Adjustment and Financial Frictions

Ole Linnemann Nielsen: Essays on Institutional Investing

Nicolaj Søndergaard Mühlbach: Essays in Applied Econometrics and Causal Machine Learning

Eva Rye Johansen: Essays on Women’s Risky Health Behavior

Christoffer Thimsen: Essays on Accounting, Banking and Finance

Sigurd A.M. Steffensen: Expected Returns and the Money Market

Benjamin Liengaard: Comparing Models and Measures using Partial Least Squares Path Modeling

Jorge W. Hansen: Essays on Dynamic Term Structure Models

Vicke A. Norén: Essays on Household and Sustainable Finance

Herbert Bucheli: Consumer Acceptance of Technology: Extensions to the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology


Ruby Elorm Agbenyega: Trade Policy and Development

Erik Lindén: Competition Economics and Damage Estimation - Empirical Theory and Practice

Andrea Paramo Florencio: Gender Equality and Economic Development

Jonas Fluchtmann: Essays on the Economics of Job Search

Jonas Ehn Bødker: Labor Market Sorting and Wage Inequality

Lone Kiilerich Christensen: Decision Problems Related to Fleet Composition and Routing

Thomas Mogensbjerg Jensen: Essays on Dynamic Term Structure Models

Mette Thorsager Jensen: Choices of Higher Education

Carsten Andersen: Essays in Health Economics

Daniel Borup: Econometric Modeling and Forecasting in Financial Markets

Stine Munk Poulsen: Essays on Mixed Service Delivery - Concurrent Sourcing in the Public Sector

Martin Thyrsgaard: Intraday Phenomena in Financial Markets

Ahmad Hassani: Residential Segregation and Public Housing

Simon Bodilsen: Volatility Modeling with High-Frequency Data and News Announcements

Mads Dang: Nonlinear Dynamic Stochastic general Equilibrium Models: Estimation and Identification

Alice Buccioli: Estimation and Asset Allocation in Contagious Markets

Ye Zeng: Econometric Forecasting and Textual Analysis in Finance

Hani Zbib: Topics in the Optimization of Waste Collection Systems

Janne Nyborg Jensen: Wealth and the Labor Market

Rune Tornøe Vølund: Theoretical Models in Behavioral Economics

Peter Rønø Thingholm: Physician Heterogeneity and Patient Outcomes

Wei Ruen Leong: GARCH(1,1) at small sample size and pairs trading with cointegration


Maryam Ghoreishi: Joint Optimization of Pricing and Operational Decisions in Generic Inventory Systems under Stochastic Conditions

Agus Darmawan: Coordination and Integration in Supply Chain Planning: Studies on Sales and Operations Planning and Supply chain Network Design

Erik Christian Montes Schütte: Asset Mispricing and Forecasting

Giorgio Mirone: Measurement, assessment and forecast of integrated variance

Ata Jalili Marand: Joint Marketing and Operational Decisions in Service/Make-To-Order Systems

Ran Sun Lyng: Housing and Household Portfolio Choice

Silvana Acosta: Econometric Analysis of Spot Variances, Covariances and Correlations

Kasper Jørgensen: Bond Risk Premia and the Macroeconomy

Yohannes Ewunetie Ayele: Essays on International Economics and Development Economics

Boris Georgiev: Essays on Firms in International Trade

Douglas Eduardo Turatti: Monte Carlo Analysis of Time-Varying Parameter Models with Stochastic Volatility

Parisa Bagheri Tookanlou: Models for Product Line Design with Customization - Considering Factors in Marketing and Operations

Søren Kærgaard Slipsager: Long-horizon Investing: Pensions and Private Equity

Johan Stax Jakobsen: Modeling Financial Market Volatility: A Component Model Perspective

Maria Elbek: Modeling and Optimization of Collection Problems


Carsten P.T. Rosenskjold: Econometric Modelling of Mortality and its Socio-Economic Differences

Morten H.J. Fenger: Essays on the Dynamics of Consumer Behavior

Bastien Michel: Essays on the Economics of Crime and Development Economics

Martin Alfaro: Essays on International Trade and Strategic Behavior

Christian Ellermann-Aarslev: History Dependent Unemployment Insurance

Jonas Juul Henriksen: International Trade and the Labour Market

Federico Carlini: Essays on Fractional Filters and Co-Integration

Bo Laursen: Econometric Analysis of Time-Varying Volatility in Financial Markets

Jesper Bo Pedersen: Essays on Financial Risk Management and Asset Allocation

Mikkel Bennedsen: Rough Continuous-Time Processes: Theory and Applications

Oskar Knapik: Essays on Econometric Modelling and Forecasting of Electricity Price

Max Weiss Dohrn: Business Cycle Costs for Finitely Living Individuals

Viktoryia Buhayenko: Determining Dynamic Discounts for Supply Chain Coordination


Samira Mirzaei: Optimization Algorithms for Multi-Commodity Routing and Inventory Routing Problems

Martin Petri Bagger: Attention and Decision-Making: Separating Top-Down from Bottom-Up Components

Dan Nguyen: Formidability and Human Behaviour: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Jakob Guldbæk Mikkelsen: Time-Varying Loadings in Factor Models: Theory and Applications

Anne Brink Nandrup: Determinants of Student Achievement and Education Choice

Ioana Daniela Neamtu: Wind Power Effects and Price Elasticity of Demand for the Nordic Electricity Markets

Magnus Sander: Returns, Dividends, and Optimal Portfolios

J. Eduardo Vera-Valdés: Essays in Long Memory

Carlos Vladimir Rodríguez Caballero: On Factor Analysis with Long-Range Dependence

Tjörvi Ólafsson: Macrofinancial Linkages and Crises in Small Open Economies

Andrea Barletta: Consistent Modeling and Efficient Pricing of Volatility Derivatives

Mette Trier Damgaard: Essays in Applied Behavioral Economics

Sune Lauth Gadegaard: Discrete Location Problems - Theory, Algorithms, and Extensions to Multiple Objectives

Louise Voldby Beuchert-Pedersen: School Resources and Student Achievement: Evidence From Social and Natural Experiments

Lisbeth Palmhøj Nielsen: Empirical Essays on Child Achievement, Maternal Employment, Parental Leave, and Geographic Mobility

Reza Pourmoayed: Optimization Methods in a Stochastic Production Environment

Kai Rehwald: Essays in Public Policy Evaluation

Girum Dagnachew Abate: Essays in Spatial Econometrics

Anne Odile Peschel: Essays on Implicit Information Processing at the Point of Sale: Evidence from Experiments and Scanner Data Analysis

Morten Visby Krægpøth: Empirical Studies in Economics of Education

Anders Kronborg: Methods and Applications to DSGE Models

Camilla Pisani: Volatility and Correlation in Financial Markets: Theoretical Developments and Numerical Analysis

Palle Sørensen: Financial Frictions, Price Rigidities, and the Business Cycle

Lorenzo Boldrini: Essays on Forecasting with Linear State-Space Systems

Silvia Migali: Essays on International Migration: Institutions, Skill Recognition, and the Welfare State

Simon Juul Hviid: Dynamic Models of the Housing Market


Jonas Nygaard Eriksen: Business Cycles and Expected Returns

Kristine Vasiljeva: Essays on Immigration in a Generous Welfare State

Orimar Sauri: Lévy Stationary Models with Applications in Energy Markets

Sylvanus Kwaku Afesorgbor: Essays on International Economics and Development

Jonas Maibom: Structural and Empirical Analysis of the Labour Market

Lene Gilje Justesen: Empirical Banking

Wenjing Wang: Corporate Innovation, R&D Personnel and External Knowledge Utilization

Sakshi Girdhar: The Internationalization of Big Accounting Firms and the Implications on their Practices and Structures: An Institutional Analysis

Juan Carlos Parra-Alvarez: Solution Methods and Inference in Continuous-Time Dynamic Equilibrium Economies

Jeanne Andersen: Modelling and Optimisation of Renewable Energy Systems

Rasmus Landersø: Essays in the Economics of Crime

Kaleb Girma Abreha: Empirical Essays on Heterogeneous Firms and International Trade

Stine Ludvig Bech: The Relationship between Caseworkers and Unemployed Workers

Marie Herly: Empirical Studies of Earnings Quality

Sanni Nørgaard Breining: The Sibling Relationship Dynamics and Spillovers

Jesper Nydam Wulff: Empirical Research in Foreign Market Entry Mode

Sofie Theilade Nyland Brodersen: Essays on Job Search Assistance and Labor Market Outcomes

Manuel Sebastian Lukas: Estimation and Model Specification for Econometric Forecasting

Kasper Vinther Olesen: Realizing Conditional Distributions and Coherence Across Financial Asset Classes

Anne Floor Brix: Estimation of Continuous Time Models Driven by Lévy Processes


Rasmus Tangsgaard Varneskov: Econometric Analysis of Volatility in Financial Additive Noise Models

Sashka Dimova: Essays on Job Search Assistance

Tine Louise Mundbjerg Eriksen: Essays on Bullying: an Economist’s Perspective

Astrid Hanghøj: Papers in Purchasing and Supply Management: A Capability-based Perspective

Nima Nonejad: Essays in Applied Bayesian Particle and Markov Chain Monte Carlo Techniques in Time Series Econometrics

Christina Annette Gravert: Giving and Taking - Essays in Experimental Economics

Ritwik Banerjee: Economics of Misbehavior

Niels Strange Hansen: Forecasting Based on Unobserved Variables

Tanja Groth: Regulatory impacts in relation to a renewable fuel CHP technology: A financial and socioeconomic analysis

Lukas Bach: Routing and Scheduling Problems: Optimization using Exact and Heuristic Methods

Martin Schultz-Nielsen: Optimal Corporate Investments and Capital Structure

Philip Rising Nielsen: Convergent Clues to the Etiology of Schizophrenia: a multifaceted approach

David Sloth Pedersen: A Journey into the Dark Arts of Quantitative Finance


Anders Bruun Jonassen: Regression Discontinuity Analyses of the Disincentive Effect of Increasing Social Assistance

Anders Laugesen: On Complementarities, Heterogeneous Firms, and International Trade

Peter Arendorf Bache: Firms and International Trade

Rune Vammen Lesner: Essays on Determinants of Inequality

Peter Bodnar: Essays on Warehouse Operations

Mads Bonde Ubbesen: The Danish Child Protection System in Light of Register-Based Research 

Paola Andrea Barrientos Quiroga: Essays on Development Economics

Anna Gerstrøm: World Disruption - How Bankers Reconstruct the Financial Crisis: Essays on Interpretation

Ina Charlotte Jäkel: Product Quality, Trade Policy, and Voter Preferences: Essays on International trade

Cédric Gorinas: Essays on Marginalization and Integration of Immigrants and Young Criminals – A Labour Economics Perspective

Philipp Meinen: Essays in International Economics

Mark Strøm Kristoffersen: Essays on Economic Policies over the Business Cycle

Jannie H.G. Kristoffersen: Empirical Essays on Economics of Education

Michael Eriksen Benros: Autoimmunity, infections, and cancer as clues to the etiology of schizophrenia and mood disorders

Mikkel Nørlem Hermansen: Longer Human Lifespan and the Retirement Decision

Hanne Stevens: Crime and Mental Disorders

Rune Bysted: Essays on Innovative Work Behavior

Dominyka Sakalauskaité: A Challenge for Experts: Auditors, Forensic Specialists and the Detection of Fraud

Tue Rauff Lind Christensen: Network Design Problems with Piecewise Linear Cost Functions

Kenneth Lykke Sørensen: Essays on Wage Determination


Christian Rix-Nielsen: Strategic Investment

Laurent Callot: Large Panels and High-dimensional VAR

Margit Malmmose: The Role of Management Accounting in New Public Management Reforms: Implications in a Socio-Political Health Care Context

Jens Riis Andersen: Option Games under Incomplete Information

Mateusz P. Dziubinski: Essays on Financial Econometrics and Derivatives Pricing

Signe Frederiksen: Empirical Essays on Placements in Outside Home Care

Henrik Nørholm: Structured Retail Products and Return Predictability

Lene Kjærsgaard: Empirical Essays of Active Labor Market Policy on Employment

Yukai Yang: Modelling Nonlinear Vector Economic Time Series

Miriam Wüst: Essays on early investments in child health

Lasse Frisgaard Gunnersen: Income Redistribution Policies

Zhenjiang Qin: Essays on Heterogeneous Beliefs, Public Information, and Asset Pricing

Soheil Abginehchi: Essays on Inventory Control in Presence of Multiple Sourcing

Karina Hjortshøj Kjeldsen: Routing and Scheduling in Liner Shipping

Johannes Tang Kristensen: From Determinants of Low Birthweight to Factor-Based Macroeconomic Forecasting


Sanne Hiller: Essays on International Trade and Migration: Firm Behavior, Networks and Barriers to Trade

Dewi Fitriasari: Analyses of Social and Environmental Reporting as a Practice of Accountability to Stakeholders

Christian Gormsen Schmidt: Exploring the Barriers to Globalization

Bisheng Du: Essays on Advance Demand Information, Prioritization and Real Options in Inventory Management

Stefan Holst Bache: Quantile Regression: Three Econometric Studies

Christian Bach: The Game of Risk

Anders Bredahl Kock: Forecasting and Oracle Efficient Econometrics