Talent development

Talent development at the Department of Economics and Business Economics consists of recruiting, supporting and developing talent at junior levels within the department. Initiatives taken in this area include using international and national channels to recruit the best candidates into entry level faculty positions, placing own PhDs at prestigious institutions, research centres and organisations and supporting junior faculty members to further develop their research competences.

PhD programme

The PhD programme in Economics and Business Economics is an internationally recognised research training programme. The intention is to bring the student to the international research frontier.  

Elite programmes

International Master of Science in Quantitative Economics (IMSQE)

The two-year elite MSc programme entitled The International Master of Science in Quantitative Economics (IMSQE) is a special elite programme embedded as part of the general MSc programme in Economics and Management (cand. oecon.) at the Department of Economics and Business Economics, Aarhus BSS.

Mentoring programme

Each year, assistant professors and postdocs who have been employed at the Department for at least one year are invited to get feedback on their tenure prospects. Their prospective tenure packages are evaluated by senior colleagues, and feedback is then coordinated between the section council, the head of section and the head of department.

More formal career mentoring may take place through AU’s Empower Talent! Mentor Scheme, whereas informal mentoring is to be organized on a voluntary basis between junior and senior colleagues. Several senior employees have successfully completed Aarhus University’s EmpowerTalent! Mentor Scheme.