About DTMC

The Dale T. Mortensen Center (DTMC) is a research center at the Department of Economics and Business Economics, Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University (AU). It was founded in 2017 based on a grant from AU. DTMC carries out research on markets with search frictions, and related areas in economics and econometrics. This research is important for improving our understanding of the functioning of markets, and to generate better predictions and policy analyses.

Dale T. Mortensen was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2010, together with Peter Diamond, MIT, and Christopher Pissarides, London School of Economics, for their analysis of markets with search frictions. Dale T. Mortensen was at Northwestern University, and had a part-time affiliation with AU. Sadly, Dale T. Mortensen passed away in January, 2014. He was one of two Nobel Prize winners at AU, the other one being Jens Christian Skou (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1997).

DTMC is run by Bent Jesper Christensen (BJC). BJC has published papers on markets with search frictions with Dale T. Mortensen and other co-authors in major international journals such as Journal of Labor Economics (JOLE), Journal of Econometrics (JoE), and Econometric Theory (ET). He has published other papers in labor, macroeconomics, and finance in journals such as Review of Economics and Statistics (REStat), Journal of Financial Economics (JFE), and Journal of Econometrics (JoE). He taught at New York University, Cornell University, Harvard University, and AU.