Jorge Hansen


Assistant Professor

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Jorge Hansen

Areas of expertise

  • Asset Pricing
  • Option Pricing
  • Machine Learning

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Jorge Hansen is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics and Business Economics (Aarhus University) and a research fellow at the Danish Finance Institute (DFI). He holds a PhD in Economics and Business Economics from Aarhus University (2020).


Jorge's research centers on exploring the dynamics of interest rates, with a particular focus on developing and refining models for the term structure of interest rates. Additionally, Jorge is engaged in connecting interest rate models to portfolio optimization strategies. Recently, Jorge's interest has expanded to include the application of machine learning in asset pricing.

Teaching activities

Jorge is currently teaching two courses at both BA and MA levels, within finance and accounting. The BA course is a 10 ECTS course in the Economics and Business Administration Bachelor’s Programme and teaches basic financial theory. The MA course is a 5 ECTS course in the Business Economics and Auditing Master’s Degree Programme and is designed to develop a data analytic mindset in accounting students, preparing them for the demands of a data-driven world. Jorge also supervises bachelor theses, master theses, and topic reports. 

Jorge has previously taught the Audit Data Analytics course (5 ECTS MA course in the Business Economics and Auditing Master’s Degree Programme).


Selected publications

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