Master thesis

At the Department of Economics and Business Economics, we invite you and your company to collaborate with our students. There are several opportunities, often initiated by students who act as consultants and thereby provide useful analysis for private and public organizations. Collaboration about a master thesis is one of the options.

Based on theory and an empirical data set, the student writes a project of approximately 55 pages, which aims to analyse a company’s problem. The student should be able to discuss and reflect on his/her results in form of similarities and dissimilarities.

A total of 267 of our students wrote their master thesis in collaboration with a company in 2020:

Programme Number of students Percentage of total
Operations and supply chain analytics   73 27.3%
Business intelligence    72 27.0%
Finance and International business   37 13.9%
International economic consulting   35 13.1%
 Finance   19 7.1%
Cand.merc.aud. 7 2.6%
Cand.oecon. 24 9.0%

Timetable and deadlines

Please note the following timetable and deadlines of the master thesis proces:

September 15:
Deadline for company delivering data description(s) and link to video presentation(s)

October 1:
Students get digital access to companies that are interested in collaborations together with related data sets and video presentations.

Medio October:
Introduction meeting for students that will write master thesis in the spring

November 1:
Deadline for students sending initial problem statements to the relevant companies

November 20:
Companies' deadline for informing all students that applied for a collaboration if their application was accepted or rejected by the company.

December 1:
Deadline for final agreement between company, student and supervisor, together with registration of supervisor, preliminary thesis titel and problem statement

Februar 1:
Start of thesis writing

June 1:
Deadline for hand in of thesis

Other collaboration forms