Student collaboration

At the Department of Economics and Business Economics, we invite you and your company to collaborate with our students. There are several opportunities, often initiated by students who act as consultants and thereby provide useful analysis for private and public organizations.

Companies that collaborate with the department's students can expect to gain new perspectives and insights on their challenges. By analyzing the company's data, the students forecast possible future outcomes and recommend solutions to the specific challenges that the company face.

Collaboration forms

It may start out with a master thesis, where a student analyses a company's problem. Then evolve to a business case or case competition where all students in a class focus on different solutions to your company's challenges.

Maybe you would like to give the students a talk on what your company is best at.

And finally, an internship or recruitment of one of the department's students may be the right solution for you. 

If you and your company are interested in a collaboration, please contact the business ambassador Kristina Risom Jespersen.