Inge Lehmann grant for Charline Uhr

Associate Professor Charline Uhr from Aarhus BSS at Aarhus University has received DKK 3.1 million from Independent Research Fund Denmark's Inge Lehmann programme to explore whether investors benefit from financial advice.

Charline Uhr
Charline Uhr Photo: University of Southern Denmark

Help needed? Private investors and financial advice is the name of the project, for which Associate Professor Charline Uhr has received DKK 3,1 million. The project will investigate whether investors benefit from financial advice when investing on the stock market.  

"I’m delighted to have received the Inge Lehmann grant, which enables me to study the effect of financial advice on private investors from angles I couldn't have afforded before. The grant finances new data sources that are key to my research agenda. As one example, the grant paves the way to run novel experiments to investigate the underlying causes of the behaviours we observed in real-world bank data. The grant also enables me to set up workshops and seminars that will allow me to discuss my research and work with leading researchers internationally. I’m also very excited that the grant opens up the opportunity to create forums where the researchers involved in the projects can interact with practitioners and policymakers," says Charline Uhr.

According to Charline Uhr, it is very common to receive advice before investing. 80% of private investors consult a financial advisor before investing in stocks. But when a German online bank closed its financial advisory service, Charline Uhr had an opportunity to investigate the consequences of this intervention for the bank's customers.  

She is now investigating whether a lack of access to advice prevents individuals from investing in the stock market, or whether investors decide to continue trading without professional help.

In addition, she is analysing whether advice affects investors' trading decisions, behaviour and long-term performance positively, as well as the impact on people's investments of having to pay fixed fees for advice.  

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The purpose of the Inge Lehmann programme is to support a more equal gender balance in research environments, with focus on the career stages at which inequality sets in.

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