Research Centre for
Firms and INdustry Dynamics 


The Research Centre for Firms and INdustry Dynamics (FIND) conducts research on firms' behaviour and responses to outside changes, the dynamic adjustments of sectors, and the economic systems' overall responses in general equilibrium. The forces of economic change, be it globalization or technological progress, always operate through the transmission of firms and industry dynamics, both when they benefit society, say  through economic growth, and when they challenge society, say through rising inequality.

FIND combines state‐of-the‐art empirical and theoretical approaches and draws on advances from international economics, industrial organization, macroeconomics, and organizational design. FIND addresses issues arching from the phenomena of increased internationalization and shifting specialization patterns to firm performance and labour market outcomes in the light of new automation processes. Ultimately, the research in FIND contributes to the design of appropriate policy responses that harvest the gains and mitigate the costs of economic change.

FIND is funded by a large-scale Semper Ardens grant from the Carlsberg Foundation.