PhD students


By 31 December 2010 CREATES had a stock of 17 PhD students enrolled at the host institution and 6 of these students are international. In addition to those already enrolled as PhD students at the establishment of CREATES, at least 17 new PhD students have been (or will be) enrolled as PhD students by 1 September 2011. 3 of these are financed via the CREATES grant, and the remaining students are financed by the host institution or from external sources. For the remaining funding period ending in April 2012, it is expected that additionally 2-3 PhD students will be offered scholarships funded by the host institution.

PhD students’ external relations
It is an integral part of the PhD program that PhD students visit international research environments during their studies. The typical duration of a visit abroad is 4-6 months. During 2010 PhD students affiliated with CREATES had status as visiting PhD students at the following universities: Free University in Amsterdam, University of Illinois, and Cornell University. During 2010 CREATES has hosted visiting PhD students from Holland and Italy.

PhD students are active in presenting their work at international conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops. Also, CREATES has a weekly lunch seminar series where PhD students, post docs, and visiting PhD students have priority in presenting and discussing their works.