Management team

Head of Department

Niels Haldrup

Professor, Head of Department
H bldg. 2632, 203
P +4587165559
P +4551504526

Head of Section - Administration

Lene Bavnbek Enevoldsen

Head of Administration
H bldg. 2620, 100
P +4587165369
P +4521657786

Head of Section - Accounting and Finance

Claus Holm

H bldg. 2631, 148
P +4587164963
P +4540422778

Head of Section - Econometrics and Business Statistics

Head of Section - Industrial Organisation and Trade

Head of Section - Labour and Public Policy

Head of Section - Logistics

Head of Section - NCRR

Head of Section - PhD, Director of PhD Programme & Head of Talent Development

Helena Skyt Nielsen

H bldg. 2622, 109
P +4529216971
P +4529216971

Director of Studies oecon/soc. (Deputy Head of Department)

Head of Bachelor Programmes - HA (Deputy Head of Department)

Mogens Dilling-Hansen

Associate professor

Head of Master Programmes - cand.merc. (Deputy Head of Department)