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Tue 13 Apr
12:15-13:15 | Online
Economics Seminar Series: Mikael Lindahl, University of Gothenburg
Title: Earnings Expectations and Educational Sorting: An Ex-Ante Perspective on Returns to University Education (joint with Nikolay Angelov, Per Johansson and Ariel Pihl)
Tue 13 Apr
12:00-12:45 | Online
Joint Econometrics-Finance Lunch Seminar: Pierluigi Vallarino, AU
Title: Economic vulnerability is state dependent
Fri 09 Apr
15:00-16:30 | Online via Zoom
FIND Seminar: Kevin Lim, University of Toronto
Title: Earnings Inequality in Production Networks
Fri 09 Apr
14:00-15:00 | Online via Zoom
CORAL Seminar: Sune Lauth Ladegaard, AU
Title: A mixed integer programming based min-max approach to happy children
Fri 09 Apr
12:15-13:00 | via Zoom
Labour and Public Policy Seminar: Bastian Schulz, AU
Title: Job Displacement, Remarriage, and Marital Sorting
Thu 08 Apr
14:15-15:15 | Online
Accounting and Finance Seminar: Erasmo Giambona, Syracuse University
Title: Production Network Disruptions and Corporate Performance
Wed 07 Apr
10:00-11:00 | via Zoom
Economics and Business Economics Seminar (EBA): Maximiliano Enrique Cubillos
Title: Optimization and data analysis problems in waste management
Tue 06 Apr
12:00-12:45 | Online
Joint Econometrics-Finance Lunch Seminar: Francesco Benvenuti, AU
Title: Functionals of Spot Volatility: Generalization to the Noise and the Unbounded Kernel Cases
Tue 30 Mar
14:15-15:15 | Online via Zoom
Special Policy Seminar: Prof. Lars Gårn Hansen, Special Environmental Economics Advisor from the Danish Economic Council
Title: Danish Climate Policy for 2030: Implementing the 70% national CO2-reduction goal.
Tue 30 Mar
12:00-12:45 | Online
Joint Econometrics-Finance Lunch Seminar: Mathias Voldum Siggaard, AU
Title: The Zoo of Variables Explaining the Post-Earnings Announcement Drift

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