Economics Seminar Series 2011

13 January 2011
Speaker: Greg Veramendi, Northwestern University, Illinois, US
Title: The Effects of Schooling on Labor Market and Health Outcomes

17 January 2011
Speaker: Andreas Müller,
Title: Separations, Sorting and Cyclical Unemployment

19 January 2011
Speaker: Holger Hertz, University of Zürich, Switzerland
Title: The Value of Authority

21 January 2011
Speaker: Konrad Raff, Institute for Financial Research (SIFR), Sweden
Title: Information Externalities in Corporate Governance

27 January 2011
Speaker: Ioana Dan, University of Toronto, Canada
Title: Gender Based Self-Selection into Industries and Occupations

2 February 2011
Speaker: André Trindade, Northwestern University, US
Title: Price and Variety in Supermarkets: Can Store Competition Hurt Consumers

11 February 2011
Speaker: Jenny Simon, MIT, Cambridge, US
Title: Financial Markets as a Commitment Device for the Government

15 February 2011
Speaker: Anna Toldra Simats, Northwestern University, US
Title: Venture Capital Syndication and Firm Entry: Theory and Evidence

16 February 2011
Speaker: Antoine Loeper, Northwestern University, US
Title: Dynamic Collective Choice with Endogenous Status Quo

15 March 2011
Speaker: Nicolas Roys, The University of Wisconsin - Madison, US
Title: Estimating labor market rigidities with heterogeneous firms

22 March 2011
Speaker: Dorothea Kuebler, Technical University Berlin/ Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (wzb)
Title: Centralized University Admissions in Germany: Empirical and Experimental Evidence

25 March 2011
Speaker: Dmytro Hryhsko, University of Alberta, Canada
Title: House Prices and Risk Sharing

8 April 2011
Speaker: Nick Netzer, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Title: Probability Weighting as Evolutionary Second-best

12 April 2011 
Speaker: Olivier Bochet , University of Bern, Switzerland
Title: Preference manipulations lead to the uniform rule

3 May 2011
Speaker: Walter Beckert, Birkbeck, University of London, UK
Title: Empirical Analysis of Countervailing Power in Business-to-Business Bargaining

10 May 2011
Speaker: Roberto Serrano, Brown University, Rhode Island, US
Title: Entropy and the Value of Information for Investors

11 May 2011
Speaker: Myriam Hadnes, Goethe University, Frankfurt
Title: The Gods are Watching - An Experimental Study in Burkina Faso

18 May 2011
Speaker: Pekka Ilmakunnas, Aalto University School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland
Title: Hiring older employees: Do incentives of early retirement channels matter?

24 May 2011
Speaker: Christina Gathmann, University of Mannheim, Germany
Title: Female Labor Supply and Childcare: An Evaluation of Germany's New Childcare Subsidy (abstract)

31 May 2011
Speaker: Andrea Mühlenweg, Centre for European Economic research (ZEW), Germany
Title: Effects of Age at School Entry (ASE) on the Development of Non-Cognitive Skills: Evidence from Psychometric Data

7 June 2011 
Speaker: Sonia Oreffice, University of Alicante, Spain
Title: Matching with a Handicap: The Case of Smoking in the Marriage Market

14 June 2011 
Speaker: Christian Zehnder, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Title: Experiments on Contractual Reference Points: The Role of Informal Agreements and Renegotiation

21 June 2011 
Speaker: Takao Kato, Colgate University, US
Title: Competition within the firm and Group Identity: Evidence from Rural Migrant and Urban Weavers at a Chinese Textile Firm (abstract)

13 September 2011 
Speaker: Flavio Toxværd, University of Cambridge, UK
Title: The Optimal Control of Infectious Diseases via Prevention and Treatment

20 September 2011
Speaker: Daniel Garrett, Northwestern University, US
Title: Durable-good Sales with Changing Values and Unobservable Arrival Dates

27 September 2011 
Speaker: Leif Danziger, Ben-Gurion University, Israel
Title: A Graduated Minimum Wage with Optimal taxation

25 October 2011
Speaker: Frank Bohn, Nijmegen School of Management, The Netherlands
Title: Getting Around Constitutional Limits To Fiscal Policy: A Model of Political Forecast and Budget Cycles

1 November 2011
Speaker: Shakeeb Khan, Duke University, US
Title: Information Structure and Statistical Information in Discrete Response Models

15 November 2011
Speaker: Francis Bloch, École Polytechnique, Paris, FR
Title: Learning and Collusion in New Markets with Uncertain Entry Costs

29 November 2011
Speaker: Daniel Schunk, University of Mainz, Germany
Title: Heterogeneous Agents in Intertemporal Choice: Theory and Experimental Evidence (abstract)

13 December 2011 
Speaker: Johan Lagerlöf, University of Copenhagen, DK
Title: Discrimination in a Strategic World