Economics Seminar Series 2009

6 January 2009
Speaker: Nick Baigent, Graz University, Austria
Title: Consequentialism, Menu Dependence and Rational Choice

14 January 2009
Speaker: Pierre-Guillaume Meon, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium  (joint with the ASB)
Title: FDI waves, waves of neglect of political risk

26 January 2009
Speaker: Sofia Bauducco, Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain
Title: Seigniorage and distortionary taxation in a model with heterogeneous agents and idiosyncratic uncertainty

27 January 2009
Speaker: Lorette Dobrescu, University of Padua, Italy
Title: To love or to pay: On consumption, health and health care

28 January 2009
Speaker: Alberto Motta, University of Padua, Italy
Title: Collusion and Selective Supervision

4 February 2009
Speaker: Georg Duernecker, European University Institute, Italy
Title: Technology  Adoption, Turbulence and the Dynamics of Unemployment

5 February 2009
Speaker: Andreas Freytag, European Centre for International Political Economy, Brussels, Belgium
Title: What did 40 Years of Country Risk Assessment Research do for Entrepreneurial Investors?

6 February 2009
Speaker: Aron Toth, University of Warwick, UK
Title: The Great Industry Gamble: Market Structure Dynamics with Moral Hazard

9 February 2009
Speaker: Moritz Ritter, University of Toronto, Canada
Title: Offshoring, Trade in Tasks and Occupational Specificity of Human Capital

10 February 2009
Speaker: Zhen Shi, Tilburg University, The Netherlands
Title: Annuitizationand Retirement Timing Decisions

11 February 2009 
Speaker: Joachim Inkmann, Tilburg University, , The Netherlands
Title: How Deep is the Annuity Market Participation Puzzle?

13 February 2009
Speaker: Matthias Parey, University College, London, UK
Title: Vocational Schooling versus Apprenticeship Training - Evidence from Vacancy Data

19 February 2009
Speaker: Norovsambuu Tumennasan, Brown University, US
Title:  A Model of Coalition Formation with Production under Moral Hazard

3 March 2009
Speaker: Julio Cáceres Delpiano, Universidad Carlos III de Maadrid, ES
Title: Fertility: Children and Beyond. Evidence for Developing Countries

19 March 2009
Speaker: Eric Verhoogen, Columbia University, US
Title: TBA

25 March 2009
Speaker: Jay Anand, The Fisher College of Business, Ohio State, US
Title: "A “Lemon” or a “Bargain”? The Impact of Information Institutions on Acquirer Returns in International Acquisitions".

26 March 2009
Speaker: Azeem Shaikh, University of Chicago, US
Title: Inference with Compromised Randomization: The Case of The Perry Preschool Program

1 April 2009
Speaker: Linda Wong, Binghamton University, State University of New York, US
Title: Patterns in Black/White Intermarriage

16 April 2009
Speaker: Armin Schmutzler, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Title: The Effects of Competition on Investment - Towards a Taxonomy

22 April 2009
Speaker: Bill Blankenau, Kansas State University, US
Title: Government Education Expenditures in Early and Late Childhood

23 April 2009
Speaker: Gustaf Bruze, University of Chicago, US
Title: Schooling, Marriage, and Male and Female Consumpsion

23 April 2009
Speaker: Lance Lochner, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Title: The Impact of Family Income on Child Achievement: Evidence from the Earned Income Tax Credit

6 May 2009
Speaker: Charlotte Bruun, Aalborg University
Title: The Economy as an Agent-based Whole - Simulating Schumpeterian Dynamics

7 May 2009
Speaker: Dirk Engelmann, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
Title: A Shock Therapy Against the "Endowment Effect"

11 May 2009
Speaker: Tim Barmby, University of Aberdeen, UK (joint with ASB)
Title: What Lies Beneath? Effort and Incentives on Archaeological Digs in the 1930's

13 May 2009
Speaker: Eyal Winter, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
Title: Mental Equilibrium and Rational Emotions

18 May 2009
Speaker: Lennart Flood, University of Gothenburg, School of Business, Economics and Law
Title: Disigning Optimal Income Tax in Sweden - based on microsimulation of Household Labour Supply

4 June 2009
Speaker: Guillaume Vandenbrouk, University of Iowa, US
Title: The Evolution of Education: A Macroeconomic Analysis

16 June 2009
Speaker: David Y. Albouy, University of Michigan, US
Title: What are Cities Worth? Land Rents, Local Productivity, and
the Capitalization of Amenity Values

22 June 2009
Speaker: Guido Friebel, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Title: Do women prefer longer conversations? And: is multi-tasking good or bad for productivity? Evidence from Call Centre Data

7 September 2009
Speaker: John Ham, University of Maryland, US
Title: Seam Bias, Multiple-State, Multiple-Spell Duration Models and the Employment Dynamics of Disadvantaged Women. Appendix

8 September 2009
Speaker: Guido Menzio, University of Pennsylvania, US
Title: Inflation and Unemployment in the Long Run

15 September 2009
Speaker: Yoram Weiss, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Title: Return Migration, Human Capital Accumulation and the Brain Drain

22 September 2009
Speaker: Andriy Zapechelnyuk, University of Bonn, Germany
Title: Decision making in uncertain and changing environments

29 September 2009
Speaker: Runli Xie, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
Title: Skill Specific Unemployment with Imperfect Substitution of Skills

13 October 2009
Speaker: Bas van der Klaauw, Free University, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Title: Insurance Search and Switching Behavior

20 October 2009
Speaker: Hâle Utar, University of Colorado, Boulder, US
Title: The Impact of Chinese Competition on Mexican Maquiladoras: Evidence from Plant-level Panel Data

26 October 2009
Speaker: John van Reenen, London School of Economics, UK
Title: Trade induced technical change? The impact of Chinese imports on innovation, diffusion and productivity

3 November 2009
Speaker: Antonio Cabrales, Univrsidad Carlos III de Madrid, ES
Title: Fiscal Centralization and the Political Process

10 November 2009
Speaker: Philipp Kircher, University of Pennsylvania, US
Title: Identifying Sorting - In Theory

17 November 2009
Speaker: Giulio Zanella, University of Siena, Italy
Title: Revisiting Wage and Earnings Profiles

26 November 2009
Speaker: Emilia Simeonova, Stockholm University, Sweden
Title: What happens When Charity Care Requirements Expire? Evidence from Hill-Burton Hospitals in Florida

1 December 2009
Speaker: Marco Piovesan, University of Copenhagen, DK
Title: The Dark Side of the Vote: How Facts and Opinions shape majority voting

8 December 2009
Speaker: Daniel Krahmer, University of Bonn, Germany
Title: Optimal auction design with endogenously correlated buyer types