The CVRPSEP package is a collection of routines, written in the C programming language, for separation of various classes of cuts in branch-and-cut algorithms for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem. The routines are those that were used in the reference given below.

The package contains separation routines for rounded capacity inequalities, homogeneous multistar inequalities, generalized multistar inequalities, framed capacity inequalities, strengthened comb inequalities, and hypotour inequalities. In addition, the package contains a routine for generating candidate sets for branching.

The package, including source code files, documentation, and license terms, can be downloaded by clicking here.


  • J. Lysgaard, A.N. Letchford & R.W. Eglese (2004): "A New Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem", Mathematical Programming, vol. 100 (2), pp. 423-445. DOI

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