2020.12.16 | CREATES

EC2 conference: Aarhus 10-11 December 2021

CREATES is hosting the 32nd EC2 Conference which will take place December 10-11, 2021 at Aarhus University (DK). The theme of the conference is Econometrics of Climate, Energy, and Resources.

2019.10.08 | CREATES

Søren Johansen and Katarina Juselius elected as Citation Laureates by Web of Science

The Institute for Scientific Information, part of the Web of Science Group, has elected Søren Johansen and Katarina Juselius as Citation Laureates – researchers whose work is deemed to be of Nobel stature as measured by bibliometric impact. The distinction is awarded in recognition of developing the cointegrated vector autoregressive (CVAR)…

2019.04.08 | CREATES

Tim Bollerslev elected as member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters

The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters has elected Professor Tim Bollerslev as foreign member of the Humanities and Social Sciences Class in recognition of his academic excellence. Please visit the website for more information about the Academy.

2019.03.11 | CREATES

PhD student Martin Thyrsgaard receives international postdoc grant

PhD student Martin Thyrsgaard has received an international postdoc grant of DKK 1,306,500 from the Independent Research Fund Denmark. The two-year long postdoc will be spent at Northwestern University, where he will be continuing his research on the relationship between market structure and outcomes of the trading process in…

2019.03.05 | CREATES

Publication in Econometrica

Anders Bredahl Kock's and David Preinerstorfer​'s paper "Power in high-dimensional testing problems" has been accepted for publication in Econometrica.   The paper shows that for testing problems in which the dimension of the parameter space diverges sufficiently slowly to infinity, no optimal test…

2019.03.01 | CREATES

Reception: Book release Stochastics in Science by Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen

The reception is on Friday 22 March at 15:30 in the canteen at the Department of Mathematics, Ny Munkegade 118, building 1530. Registration for participation in the reception held in connection with the release of the book Stochastics in Science by Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen. Register here (link)

2019.02.25 | CREATES

Eduardo Vera-Valdés is now Research Fellow of CREATES

CREATES welcomes one new Research Fellow, namely Assistant Professor Eduardo Vera-Valdés, Department of Mathematical Sciences in Aalborg University. Eduardo obtained his PhD from Aarhus University in 2016. His research interests are within network analysis, time series, forecasting, econometrics, statistics and machine…

2019.02.11 | CREATES

Bezirgen Veliyev Associate Professor

We are happy to announce that Bezirgen Veliyev is now Associate Professor. Bezirgen Veliyev