Advances in Econometrics - Conference on Dynamic Factor Models

14-16 November 2014
CREATES, Aarhus University

Advances in Econometrics Volume 35 will be dedicated to dynamic factor models, which are an active and growing area of research, both in econometrics and in macroeconomics. Many applications lie at the center of policy questions raised by recent crises, such as the connections between yields on government debt, credit risk, inflation, and economic growth. 

Advances in Econometrics is a series of conferences and accompanying volumes published by Emerald Group Publishing Ltd., UK.  It aims to annually collect original scholarly econometrics papers on designated topics with the intention of expanding the use of developed and emerging econometric techniques by disseminating ideas on the theory and practice of econometrics throughout the empirical economic, business and social science literature.  It encourages academics, researchers and Ph.D. students to share their experience, knowledge, and original research with an international audience. Contributors come from across the globe and researchers from all areas are welcome to submit work for consideration in the series.  The annual was first published in 1982. The founding co-editors of the series were Robert L. Basmann of Texas A&M University and George F. Rhodes, Jr. of Colorado State University. Beginning in 1986 Thomas B. Fomby of Southern Methodist University became Senior Co-editor with Rhodes. In 1995, R. Carter Hill of Louisiana State University joined Fomby as Senior Co-editor. In 2009, Ivan Jeliazkov of the University of California at Irvine joined Fomby and Hill as a Senior Co-editor. In 2012, Juan Carlos Escanciano of Indiana University and Eric Hillebrand of Aarhus University joined as Senior Co-editors. In 2013, Daniel Millimet of Southern Methodist University and Rodney Strachan of University of Queensland joined as Senior Co-editors.

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