Conferences and Symposia

CREATES became an institutional member of SoFiE, The Society for Financial Econometrics, in 2009. One of the first direct outcomes of the collaboration was a focused joint conference 15-16 October 2010 held at the ARoS art mu-seum in Aarhus. The conference theme was “Measuring and Predicting Risk from Financial High-Frequency Data” and aimed to shed new light on the uses of high frequency financial data in improved risk measurement, management, and asset pricing, including ways in which to distill large intra-day data bases into manageable information structures. The conference had approximately 65 participants and 15 presentations.

Symposia and Workshops
An important activity at CREATES is to organize focused symposia and workshops. The purpose of the CREATES symposia is to gather CREATES members with interests within a specific area and to invite 6-8 prominent international specialists. These meetings are well received by both internal and external participants. Often these activities last for several days and the external participants are offered office space and interact with the local people at CREATES.