Quantitative Analytics

The QUANTS group seeks to understand the behaviour of markets through the modelling of individual preferences and choices, based and behavioural, attitudinal and cognitive data.

Our approach combines traditional econometric and psychometric techniques (multivariate analysis, models for limited dependent variables, analysis of panel data, stochastic market models) with data mining, simulation and computational modelling.

The QUANTS perspective is that of the firm and that of the customer. We integrate internal and external data sources, ranging from sales databases over customer surveys to web analytics and experimental studies with consumers. The QUANTS group is closely associated with the AU Cognition and Behaviour Lab, a unique experimental facility with the latest systems for eye-tracking, perception research, reaction time studies and game-theoretical experiments.

The QUANTS group is responsible for the methodology and statistics education in the business programmes of Aarhus University.  The group offers its own MSc programme, Business Intelligence, a state-of-the-art course in modern quantitative analytics (“big data”) for the business world.