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Denmark is part of a 'Global Value Chain', and as such a deep understanding of this process is essential for Danish businesses, the people of Denmark and their policy makers. The continuously progressing international division and reshaping of the global value chain is one of the phenomena captured under the popular heading of globalization. These developments are driven by two major forces. Firstly the actions of national and supranational policy making bodies, such as National Governments, the EU or the WTO and secondly the incentives and actions of national and multinational enterprises. It is in this emerging space of tensions between globalization polices and firm behaviour, that the GlobID research group has positioned its focus.

Driven by the intense public focus on these phenomena and driven by major advances in theory, empirical techniques and data availability, research into the issue has seen tremendous momentum in recent years. The Research Group on Globalization and Industry Dynamics has as its Mission to contribute to this thriving field of economic research, to identify and understand the drivers of the Global Value Chain, to trace the appropriate responses of Firms and Industries and to evaluate the effectiveness and limitations of policies.

To realize this mission, the research group engages in research based on Industrial Economics, International Economics and most importantly the interaction of these two fields. Industrial and International Economics have seen an increasing complementarily in recent years; GlobID researchers endeavour to contribute at the frontier of this research.

GlobID maintains a lively international network of co-authors and visitors, organizes various scientific workshops, is visible at the major international conferences of the field and features a solid publication record. Combining the efforts of individual GlobId researchers under our common research theme, we have been able to create an attractive and visible research environment, which is unique in the Scandinavian university landscape.


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Philipp J.H. Schröder