Business Intelligence Research Group (BIG)

Business intelligence (BI) gathers and analyzes data to develop business strategies. It encompasses the theories and underlying architectural tools, databases, applications, and processes for gathering information, analyzing it, and solving a wide range of business problems or satisfying information requirements.

The Business Intelligence Research Group (BIG) seeks to advance the area of BI by creating innovative BI-related solutions and evaluating existent BI-related artifacts that aid BI implementation in practice. We focus on rigorous and relevant BI-related research using management and marketing science (modeling, optimization, simulation), information systems and computer science (machine learning, deep learning), and organizational and behavioral methodologies (survey, experiment, transactional databases, secondary databases, web analytics), with a strong focus on managerial, organizational, and societal relevance and implications.

Specifically, our focus on the research includes the following:

  • business process and customer relationship management research for BI
  • innovative knowledge discovery and knowledge management research for BI
  • web intelligence, web analytics, and The Next Generation of Internet research for BI
  • social media analytics, opinion mining, and sentiment analysis for BI
  • advanced text, big data, and web mining research for emerging BI applications
  • visual analytics and human-computer interactions research for BI
  • design, implementation, and assessment of innovative data warehousing in BI

Research group leader