2019-01: Household Portfolio Choice Before and After a House Purchase by Ran Sun Lyng and Jie Zhou

2019-02: Daycare Choice and Ethnic Diversity: Evidence from a Randomized Survey by Mongoljin Batsaikhan, Mette Gørtz, John Kennes, Ran Sun Lyng, Daniel Monte and Norovsambuu Tumennasan

2019-03: Marriage Market Equilibrium, Qualifications, and Ability by Dan Anderberg, Jesper Bagger, V. Bhaskar and Tanya Wilson

2019-04: Intergenerational Health Mobility: Evidence from Danish Registers by Carsten Andersen

2019-05: Robots and Firms by Michael Koch, Ilya Manuylov and Marcel Smolka

2019-06: The Transition of Corruption - Institutions and dynamics by Martin Paldam

2019-07: Does system instability harm development? A comparative empirical study of the long run by Martin Paldam

2019-08: Discontinuity in Care: Practice Closures among Primary Care Providers and Patient Health by Marianne Simonsen, Lars Skipper, Niels Skipper and Peter Rønø Thingholm

2019-09Loss aversion and the zero-earnings discontinuity by Leonidas Enrique de la Rosa and Nikolaj Kirkeby Niebuhr

2019-10: Exploration in Teams and the Encouragement Effect: Theory and Evidence by Emma von Essen, Marieke Huysentruyt and Topi Miettinen

2019-11: From Local to Global Competitors on the Beer Market by Erik Strøjer Madsen