2015-01On Self Selection of the Corrupt into the Public Sector by Ritwik Banerjee, Tushi Baul, and Tanya Rosenblat

2015-02: The Nordic welfare model and welfare services - Can we maintain acceptable standards? by Torben M. Andersen

2015-03: Networks and Selection in International Migration to Spain by Nina Neubecker, Marcel Smolka and Anne Steinbacher

2015-04: Preferential Market Access, Foreign Aid and Economic Development by Sylvanus Kwaku Afesorgbor and Kaleb Girma Abreha

2015-05: Corruption, Norm Violation and Decay in Social Capital by Ritwik Banerjee

2015-06: Documenting and Improving the Hourly Wage Measure in the Danish IDA Database by Christian Giødesen Lund and Rune Vejlin

2015-07: Do class size effects differ across grades? by Anne Brink Nandrup

2015-08: The Impact of Household Participation in Community Based Organizations on Child Health and Education in Rural India by Mugdha Vaidya, Meghna Katoch and Nabanita Datta Gupta

2015-09: Income Convergence and the Flow out of Poverty in India, 1994-2005 by Paola A. Barrientos Q., Niels-Hugo Blunch and Nabanita Datta Gupta

2015-10: The Great Trade Collapse and the Spanish Export Miracle: Firm-level Evidence from the Crisis by Peter S. Eppinger, Nicole Meythaler, Marc-Manuel Sindlinger and Marcel Smolka

2015-11: The political economy of churches in Denmark over 700 years by Ella Paldam and Martin Paldam

2015-12: Trade Policy Preferences and the Factor Content of Trade by Ina C. Jäkel and Marcel Smolka

2015-13: Implementation by Sortition in Nonexclusive Information Economies by Rene Saran and Norovsambuu Tumennasan

2015-14: The Greenlandic Economy – Structure and Prospects by Torben M. Andersen

2015-15: A Note on Quality Disclosure and Competition by Jos Jansen

2015-16: The rational economist in research: A model by Martin Paldam

2015-17: Heterogeneous Impacts on Earnings from an Early Effort in Labor Market Programs by Kenneth Lykke Sørensen

2015-18: Grit Trumps Talent? An experimental approach by Leonie Gerhards and Christina Gravert

2015-19: On the interpretation of World Values Survey trust question - global expectations vs. local beliefs by Ritwik Banerjee

2015-20: Childhood and Adulthood Skill Acquisition - Importance for Labor Market Outcomes by Karl Fritjof Krassel and Kenneth Lykke Sørensen

2015-21: Disruptive technologies and networking in telecom industries by Erik Strøjer Madsen and Simon Hartington

2015-22: Asymmetric Monotone Comparative Statics for the Industry Compositions by Anders Rosenstand Laugesen

2015-23: Dynamic Matching Markets and the Deferred Acceptance Mechanism by John Kennes, Daniel Monte and Norovsambuu Tumennasan

2015-24: Extensive Margins of Offshoring and Exporting by Anders Rosenstand Laugesen

2015-25: Liberalization of Birth Control and the Unmarried Share of Births - Evidence from Single Mothers in the Marriage Market by John Kennes and John Knowles

2015-26: Trade Shocks, Firm Hierarchies and Wage Inequality by Benjamin Friedrich

2015-27: Active Labor Market Programs and Reservation Wages: Its a Hazard by Kenneth Lykke Sørensen