2014-01: Private versus Public Feedback - The Incentive Effects of Symbolic Awards by Leonie Gerhards and Neele Siemer

2014-02: The Fertility Transition in the US: Schooling or Income? by Casper Worm Hansen, Peter Sandholt Jensen and Lars Lønstrup

2014-03: Now or never! The effect of deadlines on charitable giving: Evidence from a natural field experiment by Mette Trier Damgaard and Christina Gravert

2014-04: Pride and Patronage - The effect of identity on pay-what-you-want prices at a charitable bookstore by Christina Gravert

2014-05: Packaging of Sin Goods - Commitment or Exploitation? by Julia Nafziger

2014-06: Measuring multi-membership in economic integration and its trade-impact. A comparative study of ECOWAS and SADC by Sylvanus Kwaku Afesorgbor and Peter A.G. van Bergeijk

2014-07: Finally a breakthrough? The recent rise in the size of the estimates of aid effectiveness by Hristos Doucouliagos and Martin Paldam

2014-08: The public choice of university organization. A stylized story of a constitutional reform by Martin Paldam

2014-09: Firm-level Innovation Activity, Employee Turnover and HRM Practices – Evidence from Chinese Firms by Tor Eriksson, Zhihua Qin and Wenjing Wang

2014-10: Advertising and concentration in the brewing industry by Erik Strøjer Madsen and Yanqing Wu

2014-11: An Empirical Model of Wage Dispersion with Sorting by Jesper Bagger and Rasmus Lentz

2014-12: The Length of Maternity Leave and Family Health by Louise Voldby Beuchert, Maria Knoth Humlum and Rune Vejlin

2014-13: Husband’s Unemployment and Wife’s Labor Supply – The Added Worker Effect across Europe by Julia Bredtmann, Sebastian Otten and Christian Rulff

2014-14: Rethinking Deindustrialization by Andrew B. Bernard, Valerie Smeets and Frederic Warzynski

2014-15: An Interpretation of the Gini Coefficient in a Stiglitz Two-Type Optimal Tax Problem by Bo Sandemann Rasmussen

2014-16: Free Trade Agreements and Firm-Product Markups in Chilean Manufacturing by A. R. Lamorgese,  A. Linarello and Frederic Warzynski

2014-17: On the importance of macroeconomic factors for the foreign student’s decision to stay in the host country by Kristine Vasiljeva

2014-18: On the Interpretation of Bribery in a Laboratory Corruption Game: Moral Frames and Social Norms by Ritwik Banerjee

2014-19: Awareness programs and change in taste-based caste prejudice by Ritwik Banerjee and Nabanita Datta Gupta

2014-20: Strategic Disclosure of Demand Information by Duopolists: Theory and Experiment by Jos Jansen and Andreas Pollak

2014-21: Do specialists exit the firm outsourcing its R&D? by Wenjing Wang

2014-22: Disruptive School Peers and Student Outcomes by Jannie H. G. Kristoffersen, Morten Visby Krægpøth, Helena Skyt Nielsen and Marianne Simonsen

2014-23: Globalization of Brewing and Economies of Scale by Erik Strøjer Madsen and Yanqing Wu

2014-24: Social Networks and Health Knowledge in India: Who You Know or Who You Are? by Niels-Hugo Blunch and Nabanita Datta Gupta

2014-25: The Danish National Tests – A Practical Guide by Louise Voldby Beuchert and Anne Brink Nandrup