2013-01: Math and Gender: Is Math a Route to a High-Powered Career? by Juanna Schrøter Joensen and Helena Skyt Nielsen

2013-02: Performance, Career Dynamics, and Span of Control by Valerie Smeets, Michael Waldman and Frederic Warzynski

2013-03: School Starting Age and Crime by Rasmus Landersø, Helena Skyt Nielsen and Marianne Simonsen

2013-04: An Equilibrium Search Model of the Labor Market Entry of Second-Generation Immigrants and Ethnic Danes by Nabanita Datta Gupta and Lene Kromann

2013-05: Determinants of Generic vs. Brand Drug Choice: Evidence from Population-wide Danish Data by Niels Skipper and Rune Vejlin

2013-06: Do Marital Prospects Dissuade Unmarried Fertility? by John Kennes and John Knowles

2013-07: Can technological change account for the sexual revolution? by John Kennes and John Knowles

2013-08: Types of Foreign Aid by Christian Bjørnskov

2013-09: Job Heterogeneity and Coordination Frictions by John Kennes and Daniel le Maire

2013-10Monotone Comparative Statics for the Industry Composition by Peter Arendorf Bache and Anders Laugesen

2013-11: Trends in Sector Switching: Evidence from Employer-Employee Data by Anders Frederiksen and Jesper Rosenberg Hansen

2013-12: Price-Matching leads to the Cournot Outcome by Mongoljin Batsaikhan and Norovsambuu Tumennasan

2013-13: Revisiting the Effectiveness of African Economic Integration. A Meta-Analytic Review and Comparative Estimation Methods by Sylvanus Kwaku Afesorgbor

2013-14: Trade Liberalisation and Vertical Integration by Peter Arendorf Bache and Anders Laugesen

2013-15  Coping with the Crisis: Recent Evolution in Danish Firms' - International Trade Involvement, 2000-2010 by Kaleb Girma Abreha, Valérie Smeets and Frédéric Warzynski

2013-16An Industry-Equilibrium Analysis of the LeChatelier Principle by Peter Arendorf Bache and Anders Laugesen

2013-17: Does Growing Up in a High Crime Neighborhood Affect Youth Criminal Behavior? by Anna Piil Damm and Christian Dustmann

2013-18: Do Social Rights Affect Social Outcomes? by Christian Bjørnskov and Jacob Mchangama

2013-19: Bidding for Clubs by Benoit Julien, John Kennes, and Moritz Ritter

2013-20: Import-push or Export-pull? An Industry-level Analysis of the Impact of Trade on Firm Exit by Ina Charlotte Jäkel

2013-21: The Intergenerational Inequality of Health in China by Tor Eriksson, Jay Pan and Xuezheng Qin

2013-22: How do partly omitted control variables influence the averages used in meta-analysis in economics? by Martin Paldam

2013-23: An Evaluation of the Revenue side as a source of fiscal consolidation in high debt economies by Ritwik Banerjee

2013-24: Do wage subsidies for disabled workers result in deadweight loss? – evidence from the Danish Flexjob scheme by Nabanita Datta Gupta, Mona Larsen and Lars Brink Thomsen

2013-25: Offshoring and Patterns of Quality Growth: Evidence from Danish Apparel by Valerie Smeets, Sharon Traiberman and Frederic Warzynski

2013-26: Do Business Cycles Have Long-Term Impact for Particular Cohorts? by Torben M. Andersen, Jonas Maibom, Michael Svarer and Allan Sørensen

2013-27: Simulating publication bias by Martin Paldam

2013-28: Product market integration, tax distortions and public sector size by Torben M. Andersen and Allan Sørensen