2011-01: Welfare State - The Scandinavian Model by Torben M. Andersen

2011-02: Collective risk sharing: The social safety net and employment by Torben M. Andersen

2011-03: Optimal Unemployment Insurance: How Important is the Demand Side? by Rune Vejlin

2011-04: Non-existence of Steady State Equilibrium in the Neoclassical Growth Model with a Longevity Trend by Mikkel Nørlem Hermansen

2011-05: The Daycare Assignment Problem by John Kennes, Daniel Monte and Norovsambuu Tumennasan

2011-06Whose Opinion Counts? by Rene Saran and Norovsambuu Tumennasan

2011-07: Liquidity Constraints and Fiscal Stabilization Policy by Mark Strøm Kristoffersen

2011-08The cycle of development in Africa. A story about the power of economic ideas by Martin Paldam

2011-09Price setting in turbulent times. Survey evidence from Icelandic firms by Thorvardur Tjörvi Ólafsson, Ásgerdur Pétursdóttir and Karen Á. Vignisdóttir

2011-10Social policies and activation in the Scandinavian welfare model: the case of Denmark by Torben M. Andersen

2011-11: To Err is Human: Implementation in Quantal Response Equilibria by Norovsambuu Tumennasan

2011-12Do Contracts Help? A Team Formation Perspective by Norovsambuu Tumennasan

2011-13Quantity Precommitment and Price Matching by Norovsambuu Tumennasan

2011-14: The effects of Children’s ADHD on Parents’ Relationship Dissolution and Labor Supply by Anette Primdal Kvist, Helena Skyt Nielsen and Marianne Simonsen

2011-15: The robust result in meta-analysis of aid effectiveness: A response to Mekasha and Tarp by Hristos Doucouliagos and Martin Paldam

2011-16: The Impact of Parents’ Years since Migration on Children’s Academic Achievement by Helena Skyt Nielsen and Beatrice Schindler Rangvid

2011-17: Firm Exit, Technological Progress and Trade by Philipp J.H. Schröder and Allan Sørensen

2011-18A welfare ranking of multilateral reductions in real and tariff trade barriers when firms are heterogenous by Philipp J.H. Schröder and Allan Sørensen