2009-01: Career concerns incentives: An experimental test by Alexander K. Koch, Albrecht Morgenstern and Philippe Raab

2009-02: The Effects of Financial Aid in High School on Academic and Labor Market Outcomes: A Quasi-Experimental Study by Maria Knoth Humlum and Rune Majlund Vejlin

2009-03: Second Thoughts on Exporter Productivity by Philipp J.H. Schröder and Allan Sørensen

2009-04: Does Employee Body Weight Affect Employers' Behavior? by Lene Kromann

2009-05: The welfare state and Baumol’s law by Martin Paldam

2009-06: The agricultural and the democratic transitions - Causality and the Roundup model by Erich Gundlach and Martin Paldam

2009-07: Fiscal policy and the global financial crisis by Torben M. Andersen

2009-08: Causes and Consequences of a Father’s Child Leave: Evidence from a Reform of Leave Schemes by Helena Skyt Nielsen

2009-09: The Family Gap Reconsidered: What Wombmates Reveal by Marianne Simonsen and Lars Skipper

2009-10: On the non-causal link between volatility and growth by Olaf Posch and Klaus Wälde

2009-11: The Importance of Worker, Firm and Match Fixed Effects in the Formation of Wages by Torben Sørensen and Rune Vejlin

2009-12: State Dependence in Unemployment among Danish Immigrants by Nisar Ahmad

2009-13: Immigrant-Native Differences in Earnings Mobility Processes: Evidence from Canadian and Danish Data by Nisar Ahmad and Rayhaneh Esmaeilzadeh

2009-14: The Effect of Sanctions and Active Labour Market Programmes on the Exit Rate From Unemployment by Nisar Ahmad and Michael Svarer

2009-15 The religious transition - A long-run perspective by Martin Paldam and Erich Gundlach

2009-16 Unfunded pensions and endogenous labor supply by Torben M. Andersen and Joydeep Bhattacharya

2009-17 Development Aid and Growth: An association converging to zero by Hristos Doucouliagos and Martin Paldam

2009-18 The spirits of capitalism and socialism. A cross-country study of ideology by Christian Bjørnskov and Martin Paldam