wopaarhec 2008-1 Choosing to keep up with the Joneses  by Richard Barnett, Joydeep Bhattacharya and Helle Bunzel

wopaarhec 2008-2 Popularity and Debut  by Christian Dahl Winther

wopaarhec 2008-3 Welfare Effects of Tax and Price Changes Revisited by Knud Jørgen Munk

wopaarhec 2008-4 A farewell to critical junctures: Sorting out long-run causality of income and democracy by Erich Gundlach and Martin Paldam

wopaarhec 2008-5 The role of workfare in striking a balance between incentives and insurance in the labour market by Torben M. Andersen and Michael Svarer

wopaarhec 2008-6 Crime and Partnerships by Michael Svarer

wopaarhec 2008-7 The Incidence and Intensity of Formal Lifelong Learning by Marianne Simonsen and Lars Skipper

wopaarhec 2008-8 Globalisation squeezes the public sector - is it so obvious? by Torben M. Andersen and Allan Sørensen

wopaarhec 2008-9 Do Gender Differences in Preferences for Competition Matter for Occupational Expectations? by Kristin Kleinjans

wopaarhec 2008-10 Development and foreign debt: The stylized facts 1970-2006 by Martin Paldam

wopaarhec 2008-11 Brand popularity, endogenous leadership, and product introduction in industries with word of mouth communication by Christian Dahl Winther

wopaarhec 2008-12 Timing of Family Income, Borrowing Constraints and Child Achievement by Maria Knoth Humlum

wopaarhec 2008-13 Income and Democracy: A Comment on Acemoglu, Johnson, Robinson, and Yared (2008) by Erich Gundlach and Martin Paldam

wopaarhec 2008-14 Estimating the Effect of Student Aid on College Enrollment: Evidence from a Government Grant Policy Reform by Helena Skyt Nielsen, Torben Sørensen and Christopher Taber

wopaarhec 2008-15 The Democratic Transition. A study of the causality between income and the Gastil democracy index by Erich Gundlach and Martin Paldam

wopaarhec 2008-16 Aligning Ambition and Incentives by Alexander K. Koch and Eloïc Peyrache