wopaarhec 2007-1 Sin City? by Pieter A. Gautier, Michael Svarer and Coen N. Teulings

wopaarhec 2007-2 Two Views on Institutions and Development: The Grand Transition vs the Primacy of Institutions by Martin Paldam and Erich Gundlach

wopaarhec 2007-3 Information Exchange, Market Transparency and Dynamic Oligopoly by Per Baltzer Overgaard and H. Peter Møllgaard

wopaarhec 2007-4 An essay on the Muslim Gap. Religiosity and the political system by Martin Paldam

wopaarhec 2007-5 Labor Unions and Asset Prices by William Addessi and Francesco Busato

wopaarhec 2007-6 Foreign Prices Shocks in a Small Open Economy by Marias Halldor Gestsson

wopaarhec 2007-7 The Effect of Marriage on Education of Immigrants: Evidence from a Policy Reform Restricting Spouse Import by Helena Skyt Nielsen, Nina Smith and Aycan Celikaksoy

wopaarhec 2007-8 Overconfidence and Moral Hazard by Leonidas Enrique de la Rosa

wopaarhec 2007-9 Flexicurity – labour market performance in Denmark by Torben M. Andersen and Michael Svarer

wopaarhec 2007-10 The Effect of Sanctions on the Job Finding Rate: Evidence from Denmark by Michael Svarer

wopaarhec 2007-11 Rejuveniles and Growth by Richard C. Barnett and Joydeep Bhattacharya

wopaarhec 2007-12 Resurrecting Equilibria Through Cycles by Richard C. Barnett, Joydeep Bhattacharya and Helle Bunze

wopaarhec 2007-13 Explaining development aid allocation by growth: A meta study by Hristos Doucouliagos and Martin Paldam

wopaarhec 2007-14 An Economic Analysis of Identity and Career Choice by Maria Knoth Humlum, Kristin J. Kleinjans and Helena Skyt Nielsen

wopaarhec 2007-15 A meta-analysis of development aid allocation:  The effects of income level and population size by Hristos Doucouliagos and Martin Paldam

wopaarhec 2007-16 A Statistical Programme Assignment Model by Michael Rosholm, Jonas Staghøj and Michael Svarer

wopaarhec 2007-17 Non-cognitive Child Outcomes and Universal High Quality Child Care by Nabanita Datta Gupta and Marianne Simonsen

wopaarhec 2007-18 Unemployment, Employment and Inactivity in Denmark: An Analysis of Event History Data by Agne Lauzadyte

wopaarhec 2007-19 Optimal research effort and product differentiation in network industries by Christian Dahl Winther