wopaarhec 2006-1 A Note on the Vogelsang Test for Additive Outliers by Niels Haldrup and Andreu Sansó

wopaarhec 2006-2 The Risk-Return Trade-Off in Human Capital Investment by Charlotte Christiansen, Juanna Schröter Joensen and Helena Skyt Nielsen

wopaarhec 2006-3 A Gaussian IV estimator of cointegrating relations by Gunnar Bårdsen and Niels Haldrup

wopaarhec 2006-4 Seasonal Adjustment by Svend Hylleberg

wopaarhec 2006-5 The link between individual expectations and savings: Do nursing home expectations matter? by Kristin J. Kleinjans and Jinkook Lee

wopaarhec 2006-6 Home Ownership, Job Duration, and Wages by Jakob Roland Munch, Michael Rosholm and Michael Svarer

wopaarhec 2006-7 Skills, sunspots and cycles by Francesco Busato and Enrico Marchetti

wopaarhec 2006-8 On determining the importance of a regressor with small and undersized samples by Peter Sandholt Jensen and Allan H. Würtz

wopaarhec 2006-9 Working late: Do Workplace Sex Ratios Affect Partnership Formation and Dissolution? by Michael Svarer

wopaarhec 2006-10 Educational Homogamy: Preferences or Opportunities? by Helena Skyt Nielsen and Michael Svarer

wopaarhec 2006-11  Is there a Causal Effect of High School Math on Labor Market Outcomes? by Juanna Schrøter Joensen and Helena Skyt Nielsen

wopaarhec 2006-12  On the Rationale for the Use of Border Taxes in Developing Countries by Knud Jørgen Munk

wopaarhec 2006-13  Rules of Normalisation and their Importance for Interpretation of Systems of Optimal Taxation by Knud Jørgen Munk

wopaarhec 2006-14  Tax-tariff reform with costs of tax administration by Knud Jørgen Munk (revised version of 2005-21).

wopaarhec 2006-15  Welfare Effects of Tax and Price Changes and the CES-UT Utility Function by Knud Jørgen Munk