wopaarhec 2005-1 Marriage and the City by Pieter Gautier, Michael Svarer and Coen Teulings

wopaarhec 2005-2 Improving Size and Power in Unit Root Testing by Niels Haldrup and Michael Jansson

wopaarhec 2005-3 Common Periodic Correlation Features and the Interaction of Stocks and Flows in Daily Airport Data  by Niels Haldrup, Svend Hylleberg, Gabriel Pons, Jaume Rosselló, and Andreu Sansó

wopaarhec 2005-4 Equilibrium Implications of Fiscal Policy with Tax Evasion by Francesco Busato, Bruno Chiarini and Guido M. Rey

wopaarhec 2005-5 Sequential versus simultaneous market delineation: The relevant antitrust market for salmon by Niels Haldrup, Peter Møllgaard and Claus Kastberg Nielsen

wopaarhec 2005-6 Are Economists More Likely to Hold Stocks? by Charlotte Christiansen, Juanna Schröter Joensen and Jesper Rangvid

wopaarhec 2005-7 Does an increase in unemployment income lead to longer unemployment spells? Evidence using Danish unemployment assistance data by Ott Toomet

wopaarhec 2005-8 Availability and Price of High Quality Day Care and Female Employment by Marianne Simonsen

wopaarhec 2005-9 Fiscal Policy under Indeterminacy and Tax Evasion by Francesco Busato,  Bruno Chiarini and Enrico Marchetti

wopaarhec 2005-10 Capital Subsidies and the Underground Economy by Francesco Busato, Bruno Chiarini, Pasquale de Angelis and Elisabetta Marzano

wopaarhec 2005-11 Technology and non-technology shocks in a two-sector economy by Francesco Busato, Alessandro Girardi and Amedeo Argentiero

wopaarhec 2005-12 Aid Effectiveness on Accumulation. A Meta Study by Hristos Doucouliagos and Martin Paldam

wopaarhec 2005-13 Aid Effectiveness on Growth. A Meta Study by Hristos Doucouliagos and Martin Paldam

wopaarhec 2005-14 Conditional Aid Effectiveness. A Meta Study by Hristos Doucouliagos and Martin Paldam

wopaarhec 2005-15 The Aid Effectiveness Literature. The Sad Result of 40 Years of Research by Hristos Doucouliagos and Martin Paldam

wopaarhec 2005-16 Does Development Aid Help Poor Countries Catch Up? An Analysis of the Basic Relations  by Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson and Martin Paldam

wopaarhec 2005-17 Pre-Auction Offers in Asymmetric First-Price and Second-Price Auctions by René Kirkegaard and Per Baltzer Overgaard

wopaarhec 2005-18 Directional Congestion and Regime Switching in a Long Memory Model for Electricity Prices by Niels Haldrup and Morten Ørregaard Nielsen

wopaarhec 2005-19 Using Theory for Measurement: an Analysis of the Behaviour of the Underground Economy by Francesco Busato, Bruno Chiarini and Vincenzo di Maro

wopaarhec 2005-20 Cartel Prosecution and Leniency Programs: Corporate versus Individual Leniency by Philipp Festerling

wopaarhec 2005-21 Tax-tariff reform with costs of tax administration by Knud Jørgen Munk

wopaarhec 2005-22 On the Determinants of Optimal Border Taxes for a Small Open Economy by Knud Jørgen Munk and Bo Sandemann Rasmussen

wopaarhec 2005-23 Assessment of the introduction of road pricing using a Computable General Equilibrium model by Knud Jørgen Munk