wopaarhec 2004-1 Seasonal Unit Root Testing Based on the Temporal Aggregation of Seasonal Cycles by Gabriel Pons Rotger

wopaarhec 2004-2 A Regime Switching Long Memory Model for Electricity Prices by Niels Haldrup and Morten Ø. Nielsen

wopaarhec 2004-3 Automatic Stabilizers in an Economy with Multiple Shocks by Morten Spange

wopaarhec 2004-4 The economics of immigration into a Nordic welfare state - and a comparison to an immigration state and a guest worker state by Sheetal K. Chand and Martin Paldam

wopaarhec 2004-5 On the Exploitation of Market Power in the Nordic Electricity Markets. The Case of Elsam by Svend Hylleberg

wopaarhec 2004-6 Estimating the Threat Effect of Active Labour Market Programmes by Michael Rosholm and Michael Svarer

wopaarhec 2004-7 Migration Incentives and Taxation: Do Marginal Taxes Matter? by Bo Sandemann Rasmussen

wopaarhec 2004-8 On the Possibility and Desirability of Taxing E-Commerce by Bo Sandemann Rasmussen

wopaarhec 2004-9 Preferential Taxation of E-Commerce: Imperfectly Competitive Retail Markets and Trade Costs by Bo Sandemann Rasmussen

wopaarhec 2004-10 Conditionality, Commitment and Investment Response in LDCs  by Mariarosaria Agostino

wopaarhec 2004-11 Relative Demand Shocks by Francesco Busato

wopaarhec 2004-12 Indeterminacy, Underground Activities and Tax Evasion by Francesco Busato, Bruno Chiarini and Enrico Marchetti

wopaarhec 2004-13 A Danish Profiling System by Michael Rosholm, Michael Svarer and Bo Hammer

wopaarhec 2004-14 Testing for Additive Outliers in Seasonally Integrated Time Series by Niels Haldrup, Antonio Montañés and Andreu Sansó