wopaarhec 2003-1  Does the Gap in Family-Friendly Policies Drive the Family Gap? by Helena Skyt Nielsen, Marianne Simonsen and Mette Verner

wopaarhec 2003-2  The Macroeconomic Policy Mix in a Monetary Union with Flexible Inflation Targeting by Torben M. Andersen

wopaarhec 2003-3  Do Children Stabilize Marriages? by Michael Svarer and Mette Verner

wopaarhec 2003-4  Buy-Out Prices in Online Auctions: Multi-Unit Demand by René Kirkegaard and Per Baltzer Overgaard

wopaarhec 2003-5  Distributional consequences of neutral shocks to economic activity in a model with efficiency wages and overeducation by Peter Skott

wopaarhec 2003-6  Fairness as a source of hysteresis in employment and relative wages by Peter Skott

wopaarhec 2003-7  Estimating the Shadow Economy in Italy: a structural Equation Approach by Roberto Dell'Anno

wopaarhec 2003-8  The importance of setting the agenda by Manfred J. Holler and Peter Skott

wopaarhec 2003-9 Empirical analysis of price data in the delineation of the relevant geographical market in competition analysis by Niels Haldrup

wopaarhec 2003-10 Estimation of Fractional Integration in the Presence of Data Noise by Niels Haldrup and Morten Ø. Nielsen

wopaarhec 2003-11 Rent Control and Unemployment Duration by Michael Svarer, Michael Rosholm and Jacob Roland Munch

wopaarhec 2003-12 International Spill-over Effects of Labour Market Rigidities by Morten Spange

wopaarhec 2003-13 Self-Employment among Immigrants: A Last Resort?  by Kræn Blume Jensen, Mette Ejrnæs, Helena Skyt Nielsen and Allan Würtz

wopaarhec 2003-14 How does Public Regulation affect Growth? by Tue Gørgens, Martin Paldam and Allan Würtz

wopaarhec 2003-15 Are Home Owners Really more Unemployed? by Jakob Roland Munch, Michael Rosholm and Michael Svarer

wopaarhec 2003-16 Testing for Seasonal Unit Roots with Temporally Aggregated Time Series by Gabriel Pons Rotger

wopaarhec 2003-17 Can the new aid-growth models be replicated? by Peter Sandholt Jensen and Martin Paldam

wopaarhec 2003-18 The economics of immigration into a welfare state by  Sheetal K. Chand and Martin Paldam (see 2004-4)