wopaarhec 2001-1 Mortality and Socio-economic Differences in a Competing Risks Model by Jakob Roland Munch and Michael Svarer

wopaarhec 2001-2 Equilibrium Binding Agreements under Diverse Behavioral Assumptions by Effrosyni Diamantoudi

wopaarhec 2001-3 Partial vs. Global Coordination of Capital Income Tax Policies by Bo Sandemann Rasmussen

wopaarhec 2001-4 Semiparametric Analysis of Stationary Fractional Cointegration and the Implied-Realized Volatility Relation by Bent Jesper Christensen and Morten Ø. Nielsen

wopaarhec 2001-5 Efficiency Wages and the Long-Run Incidence of Progressive Taxation by Bo Sandemann Rasmussen

wopaahec2001-6 Multicointegration in US consumption data by Boriss Siliverstovs

wopaahec2001-7 Rent Control and Tenancy Duration by Jakob Roland Munch and Michael Svarer

wopaahec2001-8 Efficient Likelihood Inference in Nonstationary Univariate Models by Morten Ø. Nielsen

wopaahec2001-9 Stable Cartels Revisited by Effrosyni  Diamantoudi

wopaahec2001-10 Stable International Environmental Agreements: An Analytical Approach by Effrosyni  Diamantoudi and Eftichios Sartzetakis

wopaahec2001-11 Off-farm Activities by Agricultural Households in Nicaragua: Exploiting Comparative Advantages or Fighting Agricultural Problems? by Nikolaj Malchow-Møller and Michael Svarer

wopaahec2001-12 Conditionality and Ratchet Effects in Environmental Policy by Henrik Vetter

wopaahec2001-13 Environmental Taxes in Monopolistic Competition by Henrik Vetter

wopaahec2001-14  Taxes, Quotas and Externalities in Monopolistic Competition by Henrik Vetter

wopaahec2001-15  Should governments subsidise inward foreign direct investment? by Mette Rose Skaksen

wopaahec2001-16  Seasonality in Economic Models by Bjarne Brendstrup, Svend Hylleberg, Morten Nielsen, Lars Skipper and Lars Stentoft

wopaahec2001-17  The Economic Freedom of Asian Tigers - an essay on controversy by Martin Paldam

wopaahec2001-18  Range-based covariance estimation with a view to foreign exchange rates by Celso Brunetto and Peter Lildholt