Statutes for the Nordic Econometric Network[1]

 1. Purpose

Promote research and teaching in Econometrics in the Nordic countries by

  • organizing Nordic Econometric Meetings,
  • stimulating exchange of graduate students and scientists,
  • organizing graduate courses on a Nordic basis,
  • exchange information about activities of interest to econometricians in the Nordic countries.

2. Membership

Anyone interested in supporting the idea of a Nordic Econometric  Network is welcome to join.


3. Organization

3.1. General Assembly

Members of the network meet every second year at a General Assembly of the Nordic Econometric Meetings. The following items should be on the agenda:

  1. Election of chairperson and secretary for the meeting
  2. Report from the outgoing steering committee´ about activities in the past two years.
  3. Report about the financial situation of the network (if applicable).
  4. Future activities.
  5. Election of a new steering committee.
  6. Decision about membership dues.

3.2. Steering committee

The network is governed by a steering committee. The members of this committee will promote the network in each country and the committee will also serve as a program committee for the Nordic meetings. The committee takes decisions about the location and content of the home page.

The committee should have five national members, one from each of Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the Baltic countries. The local organizer/program chair for the past and next Nordic meetings are adjunct to the committee.

A new steering committee is elected every second year at the general assembly of the  Nordic Econometric meetings. Members from the outgoing committee can be reelected.

The committee selects its own chairman among its members.

3.3. Funding

The network is not expected to have funds except possibly to administer the network as such. The steering committee´ may propose to the General Assembly that members pay a membership fee unless other means of funding are not available. The network will not be financially responsible for the Nordic Econometric Meetings.

3.4 Home page

The network will have a home page on Internet. This is the main channel through which the network will distribute information. At this home page future meetings, graduate courses at Nordic Universities, guest lectures and other activities will become advertised. It will also be possible to register for membership. A list of members will be made available on the homepage of the network (only members who have given their consent will be included on the public list).

4. Nordic Econometric Meetings

Nordic econometric meetings are organized every second year (odd years). The purpose of these meetings is to stimulate applied and theoretical econometric research and teaching in the Nordic countries by,

  • inviting prominent econometricians to give surveys of the research front,
  • providing a forum for dissemination and exchange of new ideas,
  • encouraging graduate students to present their research papers and stimulating an interaction between students and senior researchers.

The meetings will be open to anyone interested in econometrics. Priority will be given according to quality and general interest of submitted contributions and to graduate students from the Nordic countries.

The format of the meetings is a series of lectures by a key-note speaker, sessions with presentations / discussions of papers, poster sessions and informal exchanges. Papers should be distributed in advance and if presented orally discussants should also be appointed in advance.

The meetings will normally take place in April/May. They should extend for two or three days. To make it possible for participants to use inexpensive airfares one of these days should be a Saturday or Sunday

There will be no proceedings from the meetings, but a home page will be set up with program and papers.

The responsibility for organizing the meetings is expected to circulate between Nordic universities. The steering committee´ of the Nordic Econometric Network should take initiatives such that meetings are organized and also serve as an advisory program committee for the meetings. The person responsible for the scientific program may but need not be the local organizer. Decisions about both program chair and local organizer are taken in the steering committee.

Each local organizer has the full responsibility for funding a meeting.

5. Change of Statutes

Changes in the statutes are decided by the General Assembly based on a proposal sent out in advance to the network.

[1] Adopted by the First Nordic Econometric Meeting, May 26 2001,  Sandbjerg Manor, Soenderborg, Denmark