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Nordic Econometric Network


A group of econometricians from the Nordic and Baltic countries met in Uppsala on March 30, 2000 to discuss the need for a Nordic Econometric Network and for Nordic Econometric Meetings. In Denmark there have been econometric meetings since the middle of the 1970s and in Sweden meetings have been held every or every second year for about as long as in Denmark. The Swedish research council HSFR, that to a large extent has financed the Swedish meetings, suggested last year that the national meetings should become international meetings with a Nordic basis. The environment for econometric research in each of the Nordic and Baltic countries is so small that it should make sense to stimulate a closer co-operation, but also to invite participation from outside the Nordic countries.

The Uppsala meeting decided to start a Nordic Econometric Network with the primary task to support Nordic Econometric Meetings, but also to facilitate the exchange of information and research ideas.

Anyone can join Nordic Econometric Network by sending an email to kstentoft@econ.au.dk.

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