The objectives of Department of Economics and Business Economics are to conduct research and offer academic programmes at the highest international level in support of the school’s mission and vision.  
The department is currently working on a detailed strategy within the objectives set in the strategy framework of Aarhus BSS.

Department of Economics and Business Economics continuously seeks to:

  • increase the number of publications in the best and most recognised international journals
  • increase the amount of external funding from both Danish and international public and private sector sources
  • increase the international recruitment of excellent researchers to promote the overall academic objectives and ensure continuous high quality teaching at all programmes
  • increase the collaboration and dialogue with other academic areas and the outside world

During the first stage of the strategy period, the department has initiated, among others, following activities to support the objectives above:

  • Increasing the quality of research grant applications by appointing faculty members to specific tasks within research and grant applications
  • Development of an elite master’s programme to attract top end students
  • Upgrading faculty qualifications within Educational IT and e-learning.