Two PhD students receive travel scholarships

Maria Elbek Andersen and Mikkel Mulvad Bennedsen have received the Aage and Ylva Nimb’s Foundation Travel Scholarship and will go abroad to, respectively, the research centre CIRRELT Montreal, Canada, and Harvard University.

2013.11.12 | Martin Hagelskjær Damsgaard

Maria Elbek Andersen and Mikkel Mulvad Bennedsen from the Department of Economics and Business have been awarded travel grants for 2013/2014.

Maria Elbek Andersen:

In her PhD project Maria is working within the field of logistics, and the overall theme of her project is Transportation Problems in Waste Management. Maria is one year into her PhD studies and is well underway with her first two articles, both of which present methods for planning transportation in the collection of recyclable materials. Maria will spend the spring of 2014 at CIRRELT - Interuniversity Research Centre on Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation in Montreal, Canada.

Mikkel Mulvad Bennedsen

Mikkel started as a PhD student in the autumn of 2012. He is almost finished with his first research project and the second has been launched. The first project deals with the use of a new type of mathematical model - called Brownian Semistationary (BSS) processes - for modeling commodity prices with a particular focus on electricity prices. The preliminary results are very promising. Mikkel is going on an exchange to Harvard University. Here he is going to be tutored by Professor Neil Shephard, who is one of the world's leading researchers in the field in which Mikkel is working.