New Danmarks Nationalbank Professor at the Department of Economics and Business Economics

2018.12.07 | Birgitte Højklint Nielsen

Mark Weder

Professor Mark Weder has been appointed professor at Department of Economics and Business Economics. The position is funded via a donation from Danmarks Nationalbank to celebrate its 200th anniversary this year.

The donation covers full funding for 5 years plus a possibility of a 3-year extension upon application. Mark Weder has his PhD from Humboldt University in Berlin in 1997, and presently he holds a position as professor at the University of Adelaide, Australia. His research and teaching interests cover a range of fields in macroeconomics, including business cycle theory, monetary policy, labour economics, and economic history.

Head of Department, Professor Niels Haldrup is very satisfied with the hiring of Professor Mark Weder and the donation from Danmarks Nationalbank: “We look very much forward to welcoming Mark Weder, who will contribute to strengthening the macroeconomic environment within the Department, and we are honoured to receive one of two significant professorial donations from Danmarks Nationalbank in connection with its anniversary”.

Professor Mark Weder will start in the position on 1 May 2019.