Professors contribute to new warning system

Michael Svarer and Torben M. Andersen, professors of economics, will be assisting the Danish government in evaluating and validating the quality of a new corona warning system for businesses and society.

2020.11.03 | Ingrid Marie Fossum

Professor i økonomi Michael Svarer

Professor i økonomi Torben M. Andersen

"We have to be ready to put up with COVID-19 for quite some time to come. This means that we will have to live with restrictions in our daily lives. The new national warning system allows citizens and companies to stay one step ahead, and to plan accordingly whenever possible." This is how Minister for Health Magnus Heunicke presents the new national warning system for risk assessments and measures to cope with COVID-19.

To evaluate and validate the quality of the warning system, an external advisory group has been set up that brings together various areas of expertise. Professors of economics Michael Svarer and Torben M. Andersen from Aarhus BSS at Aarhus University are among the experts in this external advisory group.

"Our role is to provide input on how potential initiatives that may reduce the prevalence of COVID-19 in society will affect economic activity. Our primary task will be to comment on the system developed by officials in the ministries involved," explains Michael Svarer.

How can economists contribute in this context?

"Overall, there’s a need to strike a balance between saving lives and protecting the economy. That’s why it’s essential that the initiatives launched are considered in relation to infection rates and the economy. Our contribution is to assess how the economy is affected by the spread of COVID-19 as such, but also by the specific initiatives," says Michael Svarer.

Professor of Political Science Michael Bang Petersen from Aarhus BSS is also a member of the external advisory group. The government will include his behavioural data on compliance with the distance and hygiene guidelines by the Danish population. Read more on

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