ECON gets professorship from central bank

Danmarks Nationalbank has granted the Department of Economics and Business Economics a professorship in economics as part of the celebration of the bank’s 200 year anniversary in 2018.

2017.01.04 | Michael Schrøder

Photo: The Danish Central Bank

The grant consists of an annual subsidy of DKK 1 million for five years with a possible three-year extension.

The head of department at ECON Carsten Sørensen says:

“I am very pleased with the grant, which brings ECON even closer to the research unit in Danmarks Nationalbank and gives us new possibilities for conducting research and cooperating with the central bank in general.”

Danmarks Nationalbank has granted two anniversary professorships. The second grant goes to the Department of Economics at the University of Copenhagen.

In a press release from Danmarks Nationalbank, Governor Lars Rohde states that:

“We wish to strengthen the research into economics in Denmark, which is relevant to our work in the Danmarks Nationalbank. We also hope this will contribute to raising the overall level of the field thereby improving our ability to recruit even more highly qualified staff with economic backgrounds.”

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