New centre on big data

Professor Carsten Bøcker Pedersen is part of the management team at the new Big Data Centre for Environment and Health which has received DKK 60 million from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Challenge Programme.

2018.01.16 | Ingrid Marie Fossum

Photo: Aarhus BSS Communication

The overall objective of the Big Data Centre for Environment and Health is to achieve a better understanding of the relationship between the environment and health.

A number of environmental impacts are harmful to our health, but is disease the result of isolated cases of high-risk exposure to harmful conditions, or is it the result of slow accumulation over a lifetime? And is the effect exacerbated by combined environmental impacts? These are some of the questions that the Big Data Centre for Environment and Health will strive to answer.

The Big Data revolution of recent years in registers of medical, environmental and demographic conditions, as well as the possibility to collect data from personal sensors and social media, provide unique potential to understand the complex interactions between environmental pollutants and public health.

The Big Data Centre for Environment and Health is being coordinated by Professor Clive Sabel from the Department of Environmental Science at Aarhus University. Professor Sabel is an environmental geographer specialising in analysis of spatial data at individual level.

The management team at the centre also includes Professor Torben Sigsgaard from the Department of Public Health at Aarhus University, an environmental and occupational physician specialising in the health effects of environmental impacts, Professor Carsten Bøcker Pedersen from the Department of Economics and Business Economics, a statistician specialising in register-based research, and finally Professor Ole Hertel from the Department of Environmental Science, an environmental scientist specialising in population exposure to air pollution.

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