2013.11.22 | Research news

Labour mobility generates growth

Companies that want to expand can benefit from hiring employees with experience in and knowledge about new export destinations. This is the conclusion of a research project conducted by Assistant Professor Eliane Choquette and PhD Philipp Meinen.

2013.11.12 | Awards

Two PhD students receive travel scholarships

Maria Elbek Andersen and Mikkel Mulvad Bennedsen have received the Aage and Ylva Nimb’s Foundation Travel Scholarship and will go abroad to, respectively, the research centre CIRRELT Montreal, Canada, and Harvard University.

2013.11.08 | Research news

Large postdoc grant to Francesco Violante

Francesco Violante, Postdoc at the Department of Economics and Business and affiliated with CREATES, has received a grant of DKK 1,677,712 from The Danish Council for Independent Research for his project entitled “The Price of Risk”.

2013.11.05 | Research news

Funding from AU IDEAS for new Climate Change Project

Professor Niels Haldrup, Department of Economics and Business, and Director of CREATES, has received DKK 500,000 DKK from AU IDEAS to the project "Econometric Analysis of Climate Change".

2013.11.04 | Research news

Spread the risk to better handle crises

Economists from Aarhus University have found out that Danish companies that were more diversified on export markets were better able to cope with the crisis. Their research suggests that companies should be encouraged to spread the risk across a wider range of products and markets.