2013.01.22 | Aarhus BSS, Research news

Innovation in the public sector is automatically hindered by predominant focus on efficiency

New research reveals that employees in public sector organisations in particular associate innovative behaviour at work with a risk of adversely affecting their own or their colleagues’ jobs, and that job security therefore has a significant impact on creativity. Rhetoric about efficiency measures puts a damper on employees’ ideas.

2013.01.04 | Aarhus BSS, Talent development

Aarhus University student wins DKK 100,000 in Nordic investment competition

23-year-old Thomas Tang from Aarhus University is the lucky and, not least, talented winner of the DKK 100,000 prize in the Bull Street investment game and Nordic Trading Competition 2012. He won the prize after having more than doubled DKK 1 million in just five weeks.