2013.02.25 | Research news

Three visiting researchers of the highest international calibre coming to BSS

In 2013–2014, the School of Business and Social Sciences at Aarhus University will be welcoming three elite researchers, experts in the fields of labour economics, macro-economics and organisational theory and strategic management. A grant of DKK 1.3 million from the Villum Fonden foundation will be used to finance the three visits.

2013.02.22 | People

Torben M. Andersen in new systemic risk council appointed by the Minister for Business and Growth

Minister for Business and Growth, Annette Vilhelmsen, has appointed the members of a new systemic risk council (Det Systemiske Risikoråd) whose main task will be to provide observations and warnings in relation to the build-up of financial systemic risks and to provide recommendations on initiatives that can contribute to reducing or preventing…

2013.02.21 | Awards, Research news

New research: Finding the recipe for international trade success

Researchers from Aarhus University's School of Business and Social Sciences have received a grant of 15 million Danish kroner from the Tuborg Foundation. As the first in the world, the researchers will study how export businesses can become better at establishing international partnerships. Their findings will strengthen Danish trade and industry…

2013.02.18 | Awards

Eric Hillebrand awarded Marie Curie Career Integration Grant

Eric Hillebrand, CREATES, has been awarded a Marie Curie Career Integration Grant of DKK 750,000 for his research that takes its point of departure in the fact that decision makers at central banks, government and financial institutions, and academia are inundated by economic data nowadays.  Time series from different sources, at…

2013.02.11 | Awards, People

Professor Preben Bo Mortensen honoured by Codan and SEB

Preben Bo Mortensen, Professor, Dr.Med.Sc. and head of Centre for Integrated Register-based Research (CIRRAU) has been honoured for his extraordinary research in mental illnesses.

2013.02.11 | Awards

PhD student Sashka Dimova awarded EliteForsk travel scholarship

Sashka Dimova, PhD student at the Department of Economics and Business, is one among 20 young research talents who have received an EliteForsk travel scholarship of DKK 300,000. The scholarship is intended to help young research talents to go on long-term research stays at universities offering world-class research environments within their…