2013.08.30 | Awards

25-year-old PhD student from Aarhus University receives a DKK 150,000 travel grant

The goal of the grant from Hugo Evers & Co’s Studiefond and the Danish Chamber of Commerce is to ensure that accomplished students can have the opportunity to immerse themselves and receive the highest level of training within the field of finance.

2013.08.29 | Research news, Public/media

TrygFonden's Centre for Child Research opens at Aarhus University

Language support for nursery-age children can reduce the risk of having to place them in special classes or institutions. This is the expected outcome of one of the research projects that will be conducted at TrygFonden’s Centre for Child Research. The official inauguration of the centre at Aarhus University's Department of Economics and Business…

2013.08.27 | Research news, Public/media

The socio-economic value of biogas in Vietnam

Danish and Vietnamese researchers have set out to ensure cheap and sustainable energy for inhabitants in rural Asia using biogas plants, thereby hopefully elevating the living standards. Professor Jan Bentzen from the Department of Economics and Business at AU has taken on the task of weighing the benefits against the cost of implementing the…

2013.08.12 | Research news

Great new conditions for experimental research

23 August sees the unveiling of the new state of the art Cognition and Behavior Lab at Fuglesangs Allé. In this two storey laboratory, researchers, lecturers and students at BSS can conduct controlled experiments and evidence-based research using brand new equipment. Everyone is welcome to attend the opening reception and presentation from 1-5 pm.

2013.08.09 | Research news, Knowledge exchange, Public/media

Later school starting age reduces crime

New research shows that the propensity among boys to commit crime is lowered if school start is postponed one year. Nonetheless, researchers warn against postponing school start.

2013.08.05 | Research news

Economists contribute to epidemiology congress

Associate professor Esben Agerbo from NCRR and CIRRAU arranges a special symposium entitled ‘Health Economics and Social Epidemiology’ at this year's European Congress of Epidemiology held in Aarhus on 11-14 August.