2011.11.25 | Public/media, Aarhus BSS

New telephone numbers at Aarhus University

With effect from 28 November 2011, all staff at Aarhus University will have new telephone numbers. Here you will receive information about how to find the new numbers.

2011.11.22 | Research news, Aarhus BSS

Research talents awarded grants of DKK 10.5 million

With a wide range of new projects, talented young researchers at Business and Social Sciences have attracted nearly one third of the postdoctoral grants this autumn from the Danish Council for Independent Research, Social Sciences. The total amount is DKK 10.5 million.

2011.11.21 | Aarhus BSS, News

What makes good companies good?

A new, large annual index from researchers at the Department of Economics and Business will identify what characterises the most productive companies in terms of salary, staff and management.

2011.11.14 | Aarhus BSS, Public/media

Researchers solve economic puzzle

Two researchers from Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences have solved a puzzle for international economics research. Why do some figures show that export increases productivity when others suggest the opposite?

2011.11.07 | Aarhus BSS, Events

Economics and Management programme hailed

On Friday 28 October, the 75th anniversary of the Economics and Management programme was celebrated in style. It started with a professional event and was followed by a festive event. Staff and former staff of the Department of Economics and Business with their respective partners, alumni and students turned up in numbers to honour the programme.…